Planet (Pain II)

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Unnamed planet
Astrographic information
Address [1]
Galaxy Unnamed galaxy
Atmosphere Breathable
Status Active
Societal information
Earth interest Exploration
History of Stargate Active but out of range of Destiny
Out of Stargate universe information
First mention "Pain"

The unnamed planet is located in an unnamed galaxy crossed by Destiny.


The atmosphere of the planet is viable.


A Stargate has been put in place by a seed ship.

Detailled evolution

"Pain" (2009)

Following the misadventure with the alien ticks, Destiny drops out FTL nearby the planet. According to the telemetry received from the kino, the atmosphere is correct and the countdown is set to ten hours. Colonel Everett Young calls Lieutenant Matthew Scott by radio and asks him to set up a recon team.


  1. The address is not in the right order and one symbol is not visible on the gate.