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Astrographic information
Point of origin
Galaxy Milky Way
Societal information
Race Present : none
Earth interest Former quantum mirror storage place
Domination Present : none
History of Stargate active
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "There But For the Grace of God"

P3R-233 is a planet located in the Milky Way galaxy. The planet has a Stargate.


The planet's Stargate is located in a huge alien warehouse.


Races living on P3R-233

People from P3R-233

Locations on P3R-233


The people of P3R-233 were explorers and brought back to the planet many artefacts from diverse human and alien cultures. They tagged and placed those artefact in a big room. Among these objects were a Turkanese mask, a clay cone from Lagash, a quantum mirror and Ancient communication stones (SG1: "There But For the Grace of God", "Citizen Joe").

A long undefined time ago, the Goa'uld destroyers attacked and wiped out this planet for some reason. They left it contaminated and the planet's surface is fully radioactive. They left a symbol near the Stargate to warn Goa'ulds or Jaffas who may pass through the Stargate coming here to "turn back". There is no body left here (SG1: "There But For the Grace of God").

Detailled evolution

"There But For the Grace of God" (1998)

SG-1 arrives to P3R-233 in a big and dark room. They start to explore the location using their flashlights. Daniel Jackson is recording a videotape and goes to another room with Captain Samantha Carter. Teal'c notices some damage made by Goa'uld weaponry. A battle took place long ago. Colonel Jack O'Neill sees a big dark symbol erected here. When Teal'c turns his eyes on it, he looks concerned and warns that they must return as soon as possible on Earth because this planet has been wiped out and left contaminated. The planet's surface is radioactive.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Carter find a lab where many human culture artefacts are tagged and stocked here. O'Neill warns them to go back quickly. Upset, Daniel waits while Carter, O'Neill and Teal'c prepare to dial Earth. Then he approches a kind of mirror where there is no reflection. He touches it and is transfered to an alternate reality.

Later, a wounded Daniel is able to come back to the lab by the mirror. There, O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c (who didn't left to retreive him) find him and bring him back to the Stargate. There, Daniel warns them that Apophis plans to attack Earth.

Later they bring back to Earth many artefacts from the planet like the quantum mirror and Ancient communication stones (SG1: "Point of View", "Citizen Joe").


Behind the scenes

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