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Astrographic information
Point of origin
Galaxy Milky Way
Atmosphere Hot because of the planet core
Status Planet destroyed
Societal information
Race Present : none
Previously : Tau'ri
Technological period Present : none
Earth interest Outpost of Icarus Base, power source needed to dial the ninth chevron
Domination Present : none
Previously : Tau'ri
History of Stargate Stargate destroyed, along with the planet
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "Air", Part 1

"P4X-351" was a Tau'ri designated planet, where the Icarus Base was located. The planet possesed unique properties that allowed it to generate enough power to dial the ninth chevron. The planet was destroyed in 2009.


P4X-351 is located 21 light years from Earth. This planet has a powerfull naquadria core. In 2007, the Icarus Base was established here to hopefully dial the only nine-chevron address found in the Ancient database (SGU: "Air", Part 1).


Races living on P4X-351

People from P4X-351

Locations on P4X-351


Detailled evolution


Behind the scenes

  • The planet sight picture has been reused for the Icarus-like planet in "Subversion". The only difference is the addition of some lava slitchs.

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