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"Air", Part 1
An episode from Stargate Universe
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Eli Wallace, Dr. Lisa Park, and MSgt Ronald Greer discover all the path Destiny travelled since its launch from Earth several millions years ago.
Episode Nb Season 1
Episode 01
Directed by Andy Mikita
Written by Robert C. Cooper
Brad Wright
Director of photography Rohn Schmidt
Original air date (2009-10-02)  USA: October 2, 2009
(2009-10-06)  UK: October 6, 2009
(2009-10-09)  AUS: October 9, 2009
Length 43'48"
Guest starring
Episode chronology
"Air", Part 2 Suivant
When a research team is forced to evacuate their secret base, they find themselves on board a derelict Ancient vessel that is many galaxies away from Earth.
"Air", Part 1 is the 1st episode of Stargate Universe Season 1.
This episode is part 1 of 3. It is followed by "Air", Part 2 and "Air", Part 3.


Story development

Planets: P4X-351
Technology: Dial Home Device
Spaceships: Destiny
Locations: Unnamed galaxy • Icarus base
Miscellaneous: Lieutenant General • Prometheus


This episode has several flashbacks. All of them are labeled with a "Flashback:" warning at the beginning of the paragraph.

Act 1

  • Somewhere in deep space, a huge spaceship drops out what it seems to be hyperspace. Inside the ship, some corridors start to light on automatically. In a big room, a Stargate of an unusual design is entirely spinning and then activates. Soon after, somebody is thrust out of the puddle and falls loudly on the floor. This military is Lieutenant Matthew Scott. Scott gets up surprised, and starts to check out the perimeter. Suddenly a box, then other people are thrust out like he was. Scott figures out how it's dangerous and orders all the comers to get out of the way.
  • Among them are Camile Wray, Doctor Nicholas Rush, Lieutenant Tamara Johansen, who rushes to help and care for wounded people, and Eli Wallace, who is knocked out by a case. Scott tries to warn the other side by radio to slow down but nobody answers. Camile Wray grabs Scott and asks where they are and why they didn't reach Earth. Rush starts to realize where they are, focusing on a what it seems to be a control panel. Watching more and more people coming, Rush starts climbing some stairs and expresses a small smile. Among all people coming in, Senator Alan Armstrong and his daughter Chloe, Master Sergeant Ronald Greer, and finally , Colonel Everett Young who is thrust out with a great velocity from the Stargate, and falls at the other side of the room. Then, the wormhole disengages.
  • Scott rushes to Young who lays on the floor. Barely conscious, Young asks Scott where they are, and says that Scott is in charge before passing out. Scott removes his hand from behind Young's head and finds it covered with Young's blood. Scott yells at T.J. for help as she is a nurse. She tries to care about Young, but doesn't know exactly what he has. Scott calls Eli Wallace to come here and help him to find Rush who has vanished. Then a strange noise is heard and the ship changes velocity. Scott asks Greer to get these people settled, to find out who and what they have here. Then Scott asks again Eli to come, who looks around him, visibly scared.
  • Flashback: In his bedroom, Eli is playing an online game called Prometheus. A friend is chatting with him. Eli states that the planet core is the power source and one just has to channel it to the weapon and destroy the enemy ship. Eli's friend thinks it's a programmer's joke which cannot be solved. Eli claims to have solved the equation and proves its statement by hitting a key. Unfortunately, the screen fades out and the game starts at the beginning of the level. Eli's friend mocks Eli then closes the chat connection. Eli expresses his dissatisfaction.
  • Flashback: The next day, somebody knocks a the Wallaces' home. Eli opens the door and finds Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill asking if he is Eli Wallace. Eli claims that he's not here, but O'Neill gestures an other man to come at the door. Doctor Nicholas Rush introduces himself and gives the reason they're here; Eli played a fantasy game called Prometheus and solved last night the Dakara weapons puzzle. Eli protests, saying he spent a month of his life to solve it for nothing. For price, Rush gives him a non-disclosure agreement, stating that it'll be worth for him to sign it. Eli hesitates, tells them he will call them soon and shuts the door. When Eli climbs the stairs reading the non-disclosure agreement, he is beamed out inside a spaceship, the Daedalus class ship George Hammond. There, on the observation deck, he meets again Dr. Rush who makes Eli realize he is not on Earth anymore. Nervous, Eli gets his cell phone, wanting to call his mother. Rush tells Eli that they must go on another planet located 21 light-years away from Earth and they don't know how long it's going to take. He also says that they know about his mother's condition and tells that the US Air Force will take care of her. Realizing he's wearing a pajama, Eli asks to get some pants. Soon after, Hammond leaves Earth's orbit and gets into hyperspace.
  • Flashback: Later aboard the ship, in a conference room, Eli is sitting alone and watching several videos showing Dr. Daniel Jackson giving many information and explanations regarding the Stargate, the Ancients, ascension, hyperspace, and the founding of Icarus base and its purpose to dial a nine-symbol address. At first, Eli jumps up when he sees an establishing wormhole, but he gets worry after a long time spent watching the videos. Later, Eli is able to communicate with her mother, who is worried, but Eli cannot tell her anything else but it's a top secret mission. Eli tells her mother that it's the kind of thing he always dreamed of.
  • Flashback: Eli comes inside the mess hall with a tray of food, meets Chloe Armstrong and asks her if she doesn't mind he sits at her table. When Eli introduces himself, she tells him she already knows about him and introduces herself as she's working for Alan Armstrong, Senator of California. She was political science major in Harvard, and knows about the MIT session of Eli. Eli is surprised, and Chloe smiles to him.
  • Inside the ancient spaceship corridor, Eli and Scott find a closed door. Eli notices the writing and starts to study it. He also studies the panel, pushes a button and the door unlocks and opens. Behind the door is a huge bridge, showing space and the light shifting the spaceship. Rush is there, observing the course. Eli realizes that they are inside a spaceship. Rush tells them that the design is Ancient, as very old as well. This spaceship has been launched hundred of thousands years ago. He also says that the ship travels faster than light, yet not through hyperspace. Scott tells Rush that there are a lot of wounded people and they need to get home.
  • Inside the gate room, while T.J. checks on Young, the air vents seem to fail. Doctor Franklin who is just near a vent, notices the issue. T.J. calls Scott by radio, warning him that a vent shut down. Eli notices that it happens in the observation deck too. Rush tells them that the life support system is failing and they will have to fix it.

Act 2

Act 3

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