Webisode:Horrible Accident

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"Horrible Accident"
A Stargate Universe webisode
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Hunter Riley is reporting Eli Wallace "horrible accident" on the Kino.

Webisode Nb 32
Directed by Ivon Bartok
Original air date January 28, 2011
Webisode chronology
"One Long Endless Night" link= "One Long Endless Night" "One Long Endless Night"
"Painful Moments" "Painful Moments" link= "Painful Moments"
Sgt Riley uses the Kino to check up on Eli in the infirmary.
"Horrible Accident" is the 32nd webisode of the Stargate Universe Kino webisodes series.


Sgt Hunter Riley operates a Kino, enters Destiny infirmary where he sees Lt Tamara Johansen attending Eli Wallace. When Eli reveals that he merely stubbed his toe exiting shower, Riley starts mocking him, calling it an epic story of encounter with unknown. Then he goes away, but bumps his head into floating kino and lays down unconscious. T.J. and Eli rush to Riley.



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