Webisode:All The Stages

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"All The Stages"
A Stargate Universe webisode
Vanessa James explains all the stages she passed through.

Webisode Nb 34
Directed by Ivon Bartok
Original air date February 1, 2011
Length 2'12"
Webisode chronology
"Painful Moments" link= "Painful Moments" "Painful Moments"
Lt James documents all the stages she's gone through while aboard Destiny.
"All The Stages" is the 34th webisode of the Stargate Universe Kino webisodes series. This is the last webisode made.


Vanessa James is sitting in her quarters, recording her diary on a Kino. She states that there are on Destiny for four months and six days now. She is amazed about the ability of some human beings to adapt themselves on every situation. They go through all the stages:

  • Shock and denial: she still can't believe she's stranded in a spaceship accross the universe,
  • Pain, she passed through,
  • Anger and bargaining: anger doesn't get anywhere and there is no way to bargain here,
  • Depression and lonelyness: To see her family once a month with the Ancient communication stones is better than nothing but sometimes, it's making things worse,
  • Up and down: she thought she was better, but an alien took her and sabotaged the ship (SGU: "Sabotage"), and later, a tick made her believing she killed Lieutenant Scott (SGU: "Pain"),
  • Reconstruction: She states that her training has definitively helped her,
  • Acceptance and hope: She still has hope to get back to Earth, dropping out of FTL and find a power source capable to bring her back home.



  • This webisode takes place some time after "Pain". It means that it has passed around four months between "Air", Part 1 (first Season 1 episode) and "Pain" (17th episode).

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