Webisode:New Kind of Crazy

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"New Kind of Crazy"
A Stargate Universe webisode
An alternate Hunter Riley explains the solar flare effects on Stargate travels.

Webisode Nb 18
Directed by Ivon Bartok
Original air date November 19, 2009
Length 3'07"
Webisode chronology
"What's That Light?" link= "What's That Light?" "What's That Light?"
"Only Run When Chased" "Only Run When Chased" link= "Only Run When Chased"
Eli and Lt. Scott, with the help of Sgt. Riley, explain time travel, alternate timelines and the events that occurred on the ice and jungle planets.
"New Kind of Crazy" is the 18th webisode of the Stargate Universe Kino webisodes series.


Eli Wallace and Lt Matthew Scott tell to the Kino the "new kind of crazy" story they just had. A team came on a jungle planet and discovered two Kinos near the Stargate but they've never been here before. Once they watched the two Kinos' recordings, they learned that in two alternate timelines, they were dead because of micro-organisms they couldn't detect in the water they brought back from "Hoth", and because of the attacks from the nocturnal creatures living on the jungle planet. After putting together the pieces from the two timelines created when the Stargate's wormholes passed through a solar flare, which means the Kinos went back through time, the crew was able to use the creature's venom to cure from the micro-organism disease. They used the videos to save the crew especially Dr. Volker and Chloe who began to show the sickness' effects. In the video, Sergeant Hunter Riley explains solar flare phenomenom on Stargate travels who can send people in the past or the future. Scott and Eli whish to thank their future selfs from the alternate timelines to leave those two Kinos behind and sacrifice their lives so they can live. Eli thought he boried to death in the ship, but, after this adventure, he's glad to have some moments like these, and Scott says "Amen".



  • This webisode is a sequel to "Time".

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