Webisode:Want Me To Bust Him Up?

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"Want Me To Bust Him Up?"
A Stargate Universe webisode
Ronald Greer is comforting Lisa Park

Webisode Nb 20
Directed by Ivon Bartok
Original air date November 25, 2009
Length 1'01"
Webisode chronology
"Only Run When Chased" link= "Only Run When Chased" "Only Run When Chased"
"The Apple Core" "The Apple Core" link= "The Apple Core"
Greer finds Dr. Park crying and attempts to comfort her.
"Want Me To Bust Him Up?" is the 20th webisode of the Stargate Universe Kino webisodes series.


Walking down a corridor aboard Destiny followed closely by a Kino, Ronald Greer hears crying. He pauses and motions for the Kino to turn right. In a room around the corner, Dr. Lisa Park is pacing and muttering to herself about being stupid. Greer indicates for the Kino to remain in the hallway as he approaches Park. He wonders if she is okay, and asks her if Dr. Rush is giving her a hard time. She nods yes, and Greer responds by offering to "bust him up". The two laugh.



  • According to the official Stargate MGM website, this webisode is the 20th on the list. However it as been released on 21st position.
  • This webisode is probably a sequel to "Life".

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