Webisode:The Stargate Room

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"The Stargate Room"
A Stargate Universe webisode
Webisode Nb 04
Directed by Ivon Bartok
Original air date October 22, 2009
Length 41"
Webisode chronology
"No Idea" link= "No Idea" "No Idea"
"Eli's Room" "Eli's Room" link= "Eli's Room"
Eli comes into the Stargate room, his favorite locacion in the ship.
"The Stargate Room" is the 4th webisode of the Stargate Universe Kino webisodes series.


Eli Wallace continues his kino ship tour. He comes into what he declares his favorite part of the ship, the Stargate room. After contemplating the Stargate, he says that Dr. Rush believe that this Stargate predates the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxy devices, like a prototype. Then he declares that the Stargate is the only way for them to return home.



  • This webisode probably takes place after "Darkness" and "Light".
  • This webisode is a sequel to no Stargate Universe episode.
  • This is the third Kino tour. This time, it shows the Destiny Stargate room.
  • Eli says that the Stargate is the only way to return home. However, this statement is not necessarily accurate; they can go home using the long-range communication device, which allows a consciousness to control a host body on the other side on Earth. Most likely Eli referred to the fact that the Stargate is the only way they can return home physically.

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