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"Air", Part 2
An episode from Stargate Universe
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Dr. Nicholas Rush is checking the CO2 scrubber.
Episode Nb Season 1
Episode 02
Directed by Andy Mikita
Written by Brad Wright
Director of photography Rohn Schmidt
Original air date (2009-10-02)  USA: October 2, 2009
(2009-10-06)  UK: October 6, 2009
(2009-10-09)  AUS: October 9, 2009
Length 45'01"
Guest starring
Episode chronology
Précédent "Air", Part 1 "Air", Part 3 Suivant
Stranded on the Ancient vessel Destiny, the evacuees from Icarus Base discover that a worn-out life-support system and hull breaches will suffocate them in a matter of hours.
"Air", Part 2 is the 2nd episode of Stargate Universe Season 1.
This episode is part 2 of 3. It is preceded by "Air", Part 1 and followed by "Air", Part 3.


Story development

Planets: Unnamed planet
Locations: Unnamed galaxy




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Act 2

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