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Ayiana in Stargate SG-1 Season 6.jpg
Biographical information
Death 2002
Stargate Command
Race Ancient
Species Human
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Ona Grauer
First appearance "Frozen"

"Ayiana" is the name given to the female Ancient found in 2002 inside the Antarctic outpost. After spending several millions years in state of cryogeny, she died soon after been awaken, after she used all her strength to cure all the members of an expedition from an Ancient contagion she carried herself.


Several millions years from now, the young female Ancient was left behind in the Antarctic outpost when her people fled a plague that almost wiped out the people. At one moment she has been in state of cryogeny, a state that allowed her to be completely preserved physically, but also to preserve her life. Despite her state, she still carried in her the contagion strain (SG1: "Frozen"; SGA: "Rising", Part 1).

Character's evolution

"Frozen" (2002)

"Rising", Part 1 (Several millions years ago)

The young woman is inside the Antarctic outpost, with an other male Ancient, obviously furious. She witnesses the takeoff of the city-ship Atlantis, fleeing Earth for the Pegasus galaxy. She stays alone in the outpost.


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