Marshall Sumner

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Marshall Sumner
A character from Stargate Atlantis
Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Nationality American
Death 2004 (killed by John Sheppard)
Wraith hive ship
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political information
Occupation Military
Rank Colonel
Affiliations US Marine Corps
Atlantis expedition
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Robert Patrick
Geoff Redknap (old Sumner)
First appearance "Rising", Part 1

Marshall Sumner was a US Marine Corps Colonel. He was the first military commander of the Atlantis expedition in 2004. Soon after their arrival on Atlantis, he has been shot at his request by Major John Sheppard as he was fed on by a Wraith queen.


Sumner was an inflexible and implacable military man regarding the respect of the chain of command. He didn't like at all when a military infringe it whatever the motive is. His private life and family are a mystery. Colonel Dillon Everett was a very good friend of him (SGA: "Rising", Part 1, "Letters From Pegasus", "The Siege", Part 2).

Character's evolution

"Rising", Part 1 (2004)

Colonel Marshall Sumner is put in charge of the military protection of the Atlantis expedition when the expedition team is about to leave Stargate Command for Atlantis. Respectful of the chain of command, he is less than pleased to see that Major John Sheppard is part of the team. He warns him about this subject, but Sheppard teases him by replying that the person responsible "would be Dr. Weir." When a stable wormhole is established to the destination, Sumner gives orders to the expedition team and heads up to the puddle to scout the location, but Weir asks him to wait for her so they can pass through first together.

"Rising", Part 2

"Letters From Pegasus"

Dr. Elizabeth Weir ask Major John Sheppard to record a message on video for Stargate Command about Colonel Sumner's fate.


Behind the scenes

  • Geoff Redknap portrays Marshall Sumner's character in his elderly condition when the latter is almost completely fed on by the Wraith queen. He is not credited.

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