Wraith queen (Rising)

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Wraith queen
Biographical information
Death 2004 (killed by John Sheppard)
Wraith planet
Race Wraith
Socio-political information
Occupation Caretaker of all Wraith
Rank Wraith queen
Allegiance Wraith
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Andee Frizzell
First appearance "Rising", Part 2

This Wraith queen was the caretaker of all dormant Wraith. When she was killed by John Sheppard in 2004, all the Wraith awoke.

Character's evolution

"Rising", Part 2 (2004)

Colonel Marshall Sumner is led inside a huge room with a table full of food, and a skeleton seated on a chair. Then a form leaps down behind Sumner's back and raises. It's the Wraith queen. Sumner feels her presence and turns backs. After guessing that he must be hungry, she interrogates him about his name. Sumner learn that people are considered as feeding ground. Then she asks him with insistence about his origin and discovers that another world beyond their stars is available as new feeding ground: Earth. When Sumner attempts to resist her will, she makes him fall on his knees and starts to feed on him, taking years of his life to gather intel about Earth.

At the same moment, Major John Sheppard arrives, warned by Sumner screams, and shoots the Wraith queen on her back. She feeds on Sumner to heal. Then an old Sumner nods to Sheppard who then reluctantly shoots him directly to the chest, the bullet getting through the queen's hand. When Sheppard is stunned by a male Wraith, she orders the latter to bring him to her.

After having healed her hand, for Sheppard's displeasure, she notice the life signs detector and asks Sheppard where he got this device. Then Lt Aiden Ford comes in, shooting the queen and some Wraith warriors. The queen yells until Sheppard takes a Wraith stunner rifle and stabs the queens through. After she collapsed on the floor, the queen declares to Sheppard:

"You don't know what you have done. We are merely the caretakers for those that sleep. When I die, the others will awaken… All of them..."
—Last words from the Wraith queen, before she dies

She dies a few seconds later. Then many dots appear on the life signs detector's screen.

Behind the scenes

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