Episode:Rising, Part 2

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"Rising", Part 2
An episode from Stargate Atlantis
Atlantis is rising out of the Lantea sea
Episode Nb Season 1
Episode 02
Directed by Martin Wood
Written by Robert C. Cooper
Original air date (2004-07-16)  USA: July 16, 2004
(2004-10-19)  UK: October 19, 2004
Length 41'26"
Guest starring
Episode chronology
Précédent "Rising", Part 1 "Hide and Seek" Suivant
Episode title card
The Wraith have captured many of the Athosians and Atlantis expedition members, before leaving through the Stargate. When Major Sheppard comes back with refugies to the newly found city of Atlantis, he discovers that the city is on the verge to collapse.
"Rising", Part 2 is the 2nd episode of Stargate Atlantis Season 1.
This episode is part 2 of 2. It is preceded by "Rising", Part 1.


Story development

Races: Athosians • Wraith
Technology: Heads up display
Spaceships: Atlantis




Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4



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  • On DVD/Blu-ray releases, "Rising", Parts 1 and 2 are joined together in one double-episode. On The Sci Fi Channel, it has been aired as a two-parter. The Amazon and iTunes versions are also as a two-parter.
  • On TV airing with the two-parter, Part 2 shows a recap of Part 1, a teaser showing the end of the culling, and then, an opening credits sequence with Atlantis under water.


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