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A character from Stargate Atlantis
Biographical information
Planet of origin Athos
Race Athosian
Species Human
Status Alive
Information about family
Parent Halling (father)
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Reece Thompson
First appearance "Rising", Part 1

Jinto is a young Athosian and the only son of Halling.


Jinto is very found of his father Halling and has a best friend, Wex, with whom he usually plays to a "hide and seek"-like game with a Wraith mask. He knows many Pegasus galaxy Stargate addresses, despite his young age (SGA: "Rising", Part 1, "Rising", Part 2, "Hide and Seek").

Character's evolution

"Rising", Part 1 (2004)

When a military group of the Atlantis expedition visit Athos for the first time, Jinto and Wex play together when they encounter Major John Sheppard and other military. When Sheppard aims at them, Halling rushes out from the woods to protect his son and friend. Halling warns Jinto about the danger to play at night.

"Rising", Part 2

After a Wraith culling soon after Atlantis expedition arrival, Jinto runs to Major Sheppard and asks for his father as he disappeared. With all Athosian refugees and the remaining of the military, Jinto gates out in Atlantis which is on the verge to collapse, and is willing to dial some Stargate addresses, much to Dr. Elizabeth Weir's surprise. Later, when Halling is rescued by Sheppard, the Athosian settle in Atlantis.

"Hide and Seek"


  • Jinto's mother is not seen nor mentioned in the series.

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