Episode:The Siege, Part 1

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"The Siege", Part 1
An episode from Stargate Atlantis
The Siege, Part 1.jpg
Episode Nb Season 1
Episode 19
Directed by Martin Wood
Written by Martin Gero
Original air date (2005-01-24)  Canada: January 24, 2005
(2005-03-01)  UK: March 1, 2005
(2005-03-18)  USA: March 18, 2005
(2005-08-25)  AUS: August 25, 2005
Length 41'54"
Guest starring
Episode chronology
Précédent "The Gift" "The Siege", Part 2 Suivant
Episode title card
With a group of Wraith hive ships on the way to Atlantis, the team searches for a place to flee and a way to destroy the city. McKay leads a team to try and activate the Ancients' orbital weapons platform.
"The Siege", Part 1 is the 19th episode of Stargate Atlantis Season 1.
This episode is part 1 of 3. It is followed by "The Siege", Part 2 and "The Siege", Part 3.


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