Marshall Sumner (Before I Sleep reality)

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This article is about the alternate version from the "Before I Sleep"'s alternate timeline. For the main timeline character, see Marshall Sumner. For other uses, see Sumner.
Marshall Sumner
This character is part of an alternate timeline
Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Nationality American
Death 2004 (in an alternate timeline)
Alternate Atlantis
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political information
Occupation Military
Rank Colonel
Allegiance Atlantis expedition
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Robert Patrick
First appearance "Before I Sleep"

This alternate Colonel Marshall Sumner was from an alternate timeline. When the alternate Atlantis expedition arrived in Atlantis, he was soon drowned in the city.


The background of Colonel Sumner was the same than the main timeline's version until they reached Atlantis. Sumner made some recon inside the city. When Doctor Rodney McKay discovered that the city shield was on the verge to collapse, Doctor Elizabeth Weir ordered to fall back in the Stargate room. Sumner and his team were drowned (SGA: "Before I Sleep").

Character's evolution

"Before I Sleep" (2004)

When the alternate Elizabeth Weir is awaken from stasis, she tells the Atlantis expedition the story of her own timeline expedition and Colonel Sumner's fate. When the team learn that Sumner drowned, they look surprised.


  • All Sumner's appearance is a reuse of video footage from "Rising", Part 1, we don't see Sumner's drowning, we just hear him, then statics by radio.

Behind the scenes

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