Elizabeth Weir (Before I Sleep reality)

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This article is about the alternate version from the "Before I Sleep"'s alternate timeline. For the main timeline character, see Elizabeth Weir. For the other "Elizabeth Weirs", see Elizabeth Weir (disambiguation).
Elizabeth Weir
This character is part of an alternate timeline
Biographical information
Death 2004 (soon after 10,000 years of stasis)
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political information
Occupation Atlantis expedition team leader
Salutation Doctor
Allegiance Atlantis expedition
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Torry Higginson,
Holly Dignard (stand-in)
First appearance "Before I Sleep"

This version of Elizabeth Weir came from an alternate timeline where her Atlantis expedition team members were flooded inside an underwater Atlantis. She escaped by time jumper and went back through time 10,000 years before the events to meet the Lanteans. She remained alone in Atlantis using stasis pod and was discovered in 2004 by the main timeline Atlantis expedition members. She died of old age soon after.


The background of the alternate Elizabeth Weir is the same than her main reality's self until her Atlantis expedition team reached Atlantis (SGA: "Before I Sleep", "Rising").

Unlike the main reality, controle console did not power up when they arrived a Atlantis. Moreover, Doctor Rodney McKay warned them that the city shield was on the verge of collapsing. Weir ordered Colonel Marshall Sumner to fall back to the gate room, but him and his recon team were eventually drowned. While McKay tried to find a way to sustain the shield, Weir told Major John Sheppard that some of the team found what it seemed to be ships. They eventually escaped with Dr. Radek Zelenka inside a different puddle jumper. The city didn't have a fail-safe mechanism and remained at the bottom of the sea. Suddenly the jumper jumped back in time 10,000 years ago, in the middle of a battle between the Wraith and the Lanteans. The time jumper was shot down and Weir was the only survivor. Janus, an Ancient, healed her wounds and told her the story and that it was him who built the time machine. The Atlantis counsel decided to evacuate on Earth through the Stargate, and had Weir to come with them. Yet, Janus managed to let Weir remain in the city, set a fail-safe mechanism allowing Atlantis to raise from the ocean and find a way to slow down the depletion of the ZPMs. For that, Weir had to wake up from stasis every 3,300 years to rotate the ZPMs in sequence. She remained inside a stasis pod until 2004 (SGA: "Before I Sleep").

Character's evolution

"Before I Sleep" (2004)

During a recon mission in Atlantis' different rooms, Major John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan and Lieutenant Aiden Ford discover some sort of laboratory. They talk by radio to Doctor Rodney McKay about the discovery. McKay seems upset as there are dozen of those kind of laboratories inside the city. Yet when Sheppard activates a console, they are surprised to find a very old woman in stasis. McKay, Elizabeth Weir and Doctor Carson Beckett join them on site. McKay checks the data and finds out that this woman is alive and was there for 10,000 years. Weir orders to revive her.

The old lady is revived but does not seem to react. Yet, the first words she pronounces are; "It worked", and then collapses. Weir asks Beckett to find something strong enough to maintain her awaken longer than a few seconds. Eventually, she awakes and tells the team that she is Elizabeth Weir. Then, between several blackout moments, she tells what happens the first time they discovered Atlantis, the shield's collapsing, the drowning of almost all the team members, the time travel abord the time jumper, the arrival in the middle of a war between the Wraith and the Lantians, and at last her encounter with Janus, builder of the time ship. Janus, who believed in the revival of Atlantis, changed the contrôle console parameters, modified the energy power consumption of the city's ZPM, enabeld a fail-safe mechanism allowing the city to raise from the ocean when the shield would collapse. To see this, Weir remained alone when all the Lantians fleed to Earth by the Stargate.

All this story has considerably weakened Weir, and Beckett thinks that she will not survive the day. Despite all of this, she encourages her main timeline counterpart to keep courage, especially on her birthday. She said that Janus gave her a note containing five Stargate addresses with known ZPM on the planet. When McKay notices that they have already visited one planet of the list, M7G-677, the old Weir slowly dies. Weir, holding her hand, thanks her.

Later in the end of the day, Weir is near a balcony, holding an Athosian vase offered by Sheppard in the morning for her birthday, filled with her alternate self's ashes. Then she scatters the ashes above the city.

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