Ancient (Rising)

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Ancient (Rising) in Stargate Atlantis Season 1.jpg
Biographical information
Race Ancient
Species Human
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Aaron Dudley
First appearance "Rising", Part 1

An Ancient was on Earth in Antarctica several million years ago.


This Ancient was part of the crew who settled in the Antarctica outpost several million years ago. In this crew was the Ancient female who has been called "Ayiana" by Francine Michaels and found in 2002. The Ancient left Earth onboard flying city Atlantis for the Pegasus galaxy, leaving Ayiana behind in the outpost (SGA: "Rising", Part 1).

Character's evolution

"Rising", Part 1

Several millions years ago, the city of Atlantis was settled in Antarctica. The Ancients are on the verge to leave Earth. The Ancient is in an outpost room with "Ayiana". The Ancient glares at her, saying no word. Soon after, il leaves her behind in the Antarctic outpost et takes off with the others aboard the flying city for the Pegasus galaxy.


  • Nothing is known about this Ancient. One doesn't speak about him, he doesn't speak himself. However, one can suppose that he is deceased or ascended on an undefined time, as of today, there is no living Ancients with bones and flesh in the known universe.

Behind the scenes

  • Aaron Dudley, the Ancient's portrayer, is Ona Grauer real life's husband. Grauer is the portrayer of Ayiana, the Ancient female who was with him at the begining of "Rising".

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