Aaron Dudley

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Aaron Dudley
Biographical information
Other name Aaron Michael Dudley
Professional information
Occupation Actor
Years active 1994—2009
Stargate-related information
Related series Stargate Atlantis
Occupation Actor
Character Ancient

Aaron Dudley was an actor. He portrayed the male Ancient who appears at the very begining of the Stargate Atlantis pilot episode, "Rising".


Dudley has mainly portrayed minor characters. He appeared in Madison (with Sean Amsing, Anthony Ashbee, John 'Bear' Curtis as cast), Higher Ground (with Santo Lombardo as cast), Andromeda (with D. Neil Mark as cast), The L Word (with Natasha Khadr, Kurt Max Runte, Zoran Vukelic as cast), Noah's Arc (with Kairon John as cast, and Charles E. Robichaud as crew), Psych (with Sean Amsing, Santo Lombardo, Anne Openshaw, French Stewart as cast), and Smallville (with Santo Lombardo, D. Neil Mark, Anne Openshaw, Kurt Max Runte as cast).

Involvement in the Stargate universe


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Film and Television
Year Title Function Role Notes
2003-2009 Smallville Actor (2 épisodes) Daily Planet Worker TV Series
2007 Bionic Woman Actor (1 épisode) Sexy Poker Guy TV Series
2007 Good Luck Chuck Actor Not George Film
2007 Psych Actor (1 episode) Kyle TV Séries
2006 Noah's Arc Actor (1 episode) Travis TV Series
2006 Whistler Actor (1 episode) Furnace Guy TV Series
2006 John Tucker Must Die Actor Skip #4 Film
2006 Godiva's Actor (2 episodes) Caterer / Peter TV Series
2004 Romeo! Actor (1 episode) Loche TV Series
2004 Stargate Atlantis Actor (1 episode) Male Ancient TV Series
2004 The L Word Actor (1 episode) Alan TV Series
2003 Andromeda Actor (1 épisode) Antwon Sabo TV Series
2002 Critical Assembly Actor Dreads TV Movie
2001 Valentine Actor Video Man #1 Film
2001 Big Sound Actor (1 episode) Rockstar TV Series
2000 Higher Ground Actor (1 episode) Gary TV Series
1999 BeastMaster Actor (1 episode) Feno TV Series
1994 Madison Actor (1 episode) Friend TV Series


  • Dudley is married to Ona Grauer, the portrayer of the female Ancient Ayiana, who also appears at the very begining of the episode with him.
  • According to IMDb, Dudley's acting career seems to have ended in 2009.[1]

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