Icarus base

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Icarus base
Front view of the outside of the base
Location type Facility
Geographical situation
Galaxy Milky Way
Planet P4X-351
Function Earthling outpost for the activation of the 9th chevron of the Stargate
Control System Computers
Control System P4X-351's core
Status Facility destroyed
Affiliation IOA
Information non linked to the Stargate universe
First appearance "Air", Part 1

The Icarus base was a Tau'ri facility located 21 light-year from Earth, on P4X-351,[1] financed and used by the IOA in order to dial the only 9 chevron address found in the Ancient database. It has been destroyed along with the planet by Lucian Alliance forces in 2009.


The facility is actually a bunker digged inside a mountain. A landpath for F-302s has been built at the bottom of the mountain. The facility is guarded by rail guns. There is no way to beam anybody inside due to a shielding technology. The only "beaming" way in or out is outside the bunker. Because incoming wormholes are too dangerous due to the naquadria unstability, the Icarus dialing computer has been modified to only accept outcoming addresses (SGU: "Air", Part 1).

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In 2007, the base was a mining outpost. A source working from inside the Lucian Alliance found this planet that would support the power requirements for the Icarus project as the planet's core is composed of naquadria. The Tau'ri built the base on the planet, in the hope to dial the only nine-chevron address found in the Ancient database (SGU: "Air", Part 1, "Human").


"Air", Part 1 (2009)

USS Hammond brings several people from Earth on the Icarus base; Senator Alan Armstrong, his daughter Chloe who is also his executive assistant, Eli Wallace who found the equation of the puzzle of Dakara in the Prometheus game, and Dr. Nicholas Rush. Soon after their arrival, the base is attacked by Lucian Alliance forces. When Colonel Everett Young tries to defend the base on the ground, Colonel David Telford takes a F-302 to defend the airspace. Inside the base, Rush begs Wallace to find a solution for the 9 chevron address as the planet's core is in the verge to blow. Wallace finds out that the address has to be entered as this, with Earth as point of origin. Rush orders Sergeant Hunter Riley to stop the ongoing dialing sequence and to begin the 9 chevron sequence.

Aboard Hammond, Major Kevin Marks reads massive energy peaks on P4X-351. Colonel Samantha Carter orders do bring back all the F-302s including Colonel Telford team's. When Colonel Young learns that Earth has not been called but the 9 chevron address, he comes back in the corridors and orders Lieutenant Matthew Scott to make sure everybody takes the maximum of supplies for the evacuation. Young, with the help of Master Sergeant Ronald Greer, uses explosives to free Senator Armstrong and other base members who have been trapped in a wall collapsing.

Everybody, with their loads and Scott as lead, pass through the Stargate and retrieve themselves stranded in a remote Ancient vessel, several millions light-years away from Earth. Colonel Young is the last to "pass" through the wormhole, the very moment before the planet exploses, destroying all the Alliance attack forces and two F-302s.

When Colonel Carter asks Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill about the number of people who have reach Earth. O'Neill replies that no one did. According the Carter, the Stargate was active for six minutes.


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  1. The planet designation is not given in the regular aired episodes. It appears only in the DVD pilot version when Nicholas Rush is speaking to LtGen Jack O'Neill using the Tau'ri long range communication device.