Prometheus (game)

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Prometheus in Air, Part 1.jpg
Prometheus screen image (SGU: "Air", Part 1)
Type Game
Current status Online
Production information
Designer Nicholas Rush
Out of Universe information
First appearance "Air", Part 1

Prometheus is a multiplayer online video game designed by Dr. Nicholas Rush in order to allow young brilliant minds to solve an Ancient mathematical proof about the required power needed to activate the nine chevron address found in the Ancient database. In 2009, Eli Wallace was the first (and the only one) able to solve the equation.


Prometheus looks like a fantasy multiplayer online video game and includes a game level called the Dakara weapons puzzle. This level includes an Ancient mathematical proof that has not been solved as well as the necessary known items to solve it like the Ancient language, the planet core needed to activation, etc (SGU: "Air", Part 1)


Based on Senator Alan Armstrong's daughter Chloe who had the idea to put the proof in an accessible media to reach young brilliant minds, Dr. Nicholas Rush designed the riddle of the Dakara weapons puzzle et gathered the wholeness in the shape of an online video game. Prometheus has been released in 2009 and Eli Wallace spent one month to solve the proof (SGU: "Air", Part 1).


"Air", Part 1 (2009)

Eli Wallace is video chating with a friend and is about to show him that he has solved the Prometheus game's riddle. His friend thinks that this is a programmer's joke that cannot be solved. But when Eli push a key to finish the level, he retreives himself back to the begining of the level.

The next day, Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill and Dr. Nicholas Rush knock at the Wallaces' home door to tell Eli that he has solved a millennia-old mathematical proof inclosed in the Dakara weapons puzzle level.

Later in the Icarus base, Eli encounters the Stargate when Lt Matthew Scott explains how it works. When Scott tells Eli that he is the genius, the latter replies back that he only solved a puzzle in a video game.

Aboard Destiny, Eli notices that the hatch's lockers are written in Ancient like the writings found in the Prometheus game.

Behind the scenes