Planet (Lost VI)

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Unnamed planet
Astrographic information
Galaxy Unnamed galaxy
Atmosphere Breathable
Status Active
Societal information
Earth interest Possible shelter
History of Stargate Active but out of range of Destiny
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "Lost"

This unnamed planet has been visited in 2009 by Matthew Scott, Eli Wallace and Chloe Armstrong when they attempted to retrieve Destiny.


This planet is woody on the Stargate area. A spring of fresh water is located due east of the gate (SGU: "Lost", "Sabotage").


Notable visitors of the unnamed planet


Some time ago, a seed ship has put a Stargate at the surface of the planet.

Detailled evolution

"Lost" (2009)

Once they arrived at the planet and out of breath, Eli Wallace checks the presence of Destiny address on the Ancient remote control, which eventually appears. Matthew Scott urges Eli to dial it. Yet, in the middle of the dialing sequence, the Stargate disconnects for a reason Eli ignores. Chloe Armstrong insists yet Eli's answer remains the same. Scott orders Eli to dial again but the sequences stops again and Destiny's address disappears from the remote's screen. Destiny resumed FTL and they are stuck on the planet.


Destiny drops out FTL unexpectedly and Matthew Scott, Chloe Armstrong and Eli Wallace manage to come back aboard the ship. While they are waiting to fix the drifring ship, Colonel Everett Young assembles a recon team commanded by Lieutenant Scott to get back to the planet and settle a base camp in case things turn wrong. Young orders the team to find water at due east of the Stargate then orders Eli to dial the address and send a kino. Eli argues, stating that they have been here just moments ago, but Young replies that it is standard military procedure. Eli grouches but images sent by the kino rule in favor of Young; two Nakai fighters are on site in front of the Stargate's wormhole. They fire and eventually destroy the kino. Eli is startled, but Young orders to shut it down. The crew has to fix and repair Destiny FTL engines.

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