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The border between the Land of the Light and the Land of the Dark (SG1: "The Broca Divide")
Astrographic information
Galaxy Milky Way
Atmosphere Breathable
Status Active
Societal information
Race Present : Untouched
Previously : Touched
Technological period Present : Bronze Age
Earth interest Archeology
Domination Present : Untouched
Previously : Touched
History of Stargate Active
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "The Broca Divide"

P3X-797 is a planet located in the Milky Way galaxy.


The planet is divided in two parts; the Land of the Dark, a wooden and permanently dark area with a temperature around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and the Land of Light, a bright an sunny area where live the locals. The architecture is from the Minoan culture. The Stargate is located in the Land of the Dark (SG1: "The Broca Divide").


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This planet has been conquered by "evil gods" a long time ago, yet they left the planet and released an airborne parasitical virus that touched the people who had histamin in their bodies and transformed them into primitives. They eventually became too dangerous so the Untouched had to bannish them into the Land of the Dark.

Detailled evolution


  • The third symbol is not seen on screen (actually it appears but is too blurred to be recognized). The missing glyph is given a first time in Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection issue #6 but it was the Abydos point of origin. A second glyph is given in the issue #10. Yet, as this magazine is not considered as canon in Semantic Stargate Wiki even if it is a licensed product, the third unknown glyph remains unknown.

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