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Astrographic information
Address Stargate SG·1 symbol 37.svgStargate SG·1 symbol 34.svgStargate SG·1 symbol 20.svgStargate SG·1 symbol 28.svgStargate SG·1 symbol 10.svgStargate SG·1 symbol 06.svg
Galaxy Milky Way
Number of moons 2
Status Active
Societal information
Races Present : Goa'uld
Technological period Present : Stone Age
Earth interest Craddle of the Goa'uld
Domination Present : Unas
Previously : Goa'uld
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "The First Ones"

P3X-888 is a planet located in the Milky Way galaxy. This planet is the birth planet of the Unas, the first race who has served as hosts for the Goa'uld. This is also the only planet to possess Goa'uld symbiotes living in they wild state, bringing Doctor Daniel Jackson to theorise that this planet is also the craddle of the Goa'uld.



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