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Astrographic information
Galaxy Milky Way
Status Active
Societal information
Earth interest Recon
History of Stargate Active
Out of Stargate universe information
First mention "The Nox"

P3C-117 is a planet located in the Milky Way galaxy. This planet has been visited by SG-5 in 1997 during a standard recon.

Detailled evolution

"The Nox" (1997)

Secretary of Defense Swift is present at Stargate Command to check the progress of the the Stargate program. He assists to a Stargate activation locked on P3C-117. A M.A.L.P. is sent through the wormhole. Even if he is impressed by the wormhole connection, he is more disappointed by the nature of the scheduled recon mission which will performed by SG-5, and especially the lack of new found technology so far which could be used by the Department of Defense.