Icarus-like planet

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Icarus-like planet
Hammond approaching the planet
Astrographic information
Galaxy Milky Way
Status Planet destroyed
Societal information
Population None
Earth interest Access way to Destiny.
Domination Present : None
Previously : Lucian Alliance
History of Stargate Stargate destroyed
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "Subversion"

This unnamed planet has been found by Lucian Alliance who built an outpost.


This planet had an outpost built on the hope to dial the nine chevron address and get to Destiny. Similar to P4X-351, it has a naquadria core able to produce enough energy to reach the destination (SGU: "Subversion".


Notable visitors of the Icarus-like planet

Locations on the Icarus-like planet

Detailled evolution

"Subversion" (2009)

Nicholas Rush (under the appearance of David Telford) is taken by Lucian Alliance forces led by Commander Kiva to the planet by Tel'tak. There, he is forced to work on the nine chevrons dialing sequence.

"Incursion", Part 1

Thanks to David Telford's intel, USS Hammond, under the command of Colonel Samantha Carter, gets to the planet. The ship scans and notes the presence of naquadria as well as an anti-teleportation shield from a pyramid, avoiding the transfert of Nicholas Rush. Carter launch a ground attack with a squadron of F-302s. Kiva asks Rush if it's possible to dial Destiny. Rush replies that it will cause the planet to explode. Kiva orders him to proceed. The address is dialed an Kiva's faction soldiers start to evacuate through the Stargate with Rush. Kiva eventually gets in. Carter detects the unstability of the planet and orders all F-302s to fall back. Two of them are missing. The very moment before the explosion, Hammond jumps to hyperspace. The planet eventually exploses, deactivating the wormhole and killing a hundred Alliance soldiers in the process.


  • This planet has no "Christian name". This name is the one given by Nicholas Rush when the latter arrived on the planet following his abduction by Kiva's faction.

Behind the scenes

  • The view of the planet is actually the same than P4X-351, appearing in "Air", Part 1, on which the digital effects designers put lava trails.

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