Planet (The First Commandment)

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Unnamed planet
Astrographic information
Galaxy Milky Way
Number of suns 1 (at least)
Status Planet active
Societal information
Race Present : Cave-dwellers
Previously : Goa'uld
Technological period Present : Primitive age
Domination Present : Cave-dwellers
Previously : Jonas Hanson
History of Stargate Active
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "The First Commandment"

An unnamed planet with an heavy sun is located in the Milky Way galaxy.


This planet has a very strong sun. Its atmosphere cannot retain sun's UV radiations, so whithout correct protection, nobody can survive long enough outside the caves under direct sunlight. According to the MALP data and Samantha Carter's analysis, "shade, even heavy cloud cover won't protect" them, "it can be pouring rain and" they'"ll still burn". It seems that there is no animal at all, not even a bird. Only vegetation and trees can survive under this climate (SG1: "The First Commandment").


This planet is mainly covered by forest whith long trees, not sufficient to protect people from direct sun's radiations. Some mountains are visible. There is a large gravel pit carreer, with caves around. The natives live inside the caves, probably former mines, to protect themselves from direct sun. They get outside the caves and travel only by night. Around the gravel pit area flows a small river (SG1: "The First Commandment").

Races living on the planet

People from the planet

Locations the planet


Some distant time ago, the Goa'uld went on this planet with several human slaves (presumably from Earth)[1] to work in mines and extract some unknown mineral. Because of the sunlight's radiations, the Goa'uld put in place two anti-radiation shield devices to protect them. Long ago before SG-9 arrival, finding nothing useful for them, the Goa'uld switched off the shield devices and left the planet, leaving the people on their own.[1] Some stories of these times were told to the children, talking about of the old gods and the Jaffa, servants of the old gods. Some of them were drawing paints inside the caves including some symbols representing the anti-radiation shield. Because of their lack of technology for digging, they couldn't build more caves to shelter and had a growth issue. According to Captain Jonas Hanson, "it's a third world country in a bottle."

In 1997, the SG-9 team, led by Captain Jonas Hanson and composed with Baker, Lieutenant Connor and Frakes, arrived on the planet by the Stargate. When they first encouter the planet's inhabitants, the latter bowed before them. Hanson didn't deny it, telling to the team it may be safer for them to think he is a god. Frakes, the team's anthropologist, agreed with Hanson first. But the people worshiped him more when Hanson brought back a child who was lost outside the caves for two full days. When some cave-dwellers started to have some doubts, Hanson tied them to stakes and left them to direct sunlight for seven days. They were almost blind, with severe burns all over their bodies. They died very soon after. Hanson ordered the natives to build a temple on his honor.

After five weeks, Connor and Frakes realised that Hanson turned mad and finaly decided to warn Stargate Command (SG1: "The First Commandment").

Detailled evolution

"The First Commandment" (1997)

On the planet, SG-1 arrive by the Stargate six hours after Connor's calling. Discovering Frakes' burned rests, they head to Captain Jonas Hanson's basecamp, trying to catch him for court martial ("or not"). Using binoculars, they see the natives working on the building of a temple like slaves. Captain Samantha Carter lets herself being captured by Baker so she would try to reason with Hanson.

Colonel O'Neill, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c convince a young native, Jamala to help them stopping Hanson. Jamala reveals that Hanson found a device that can make the sky orange. Teal'c says that they need two devices to erect a shield. When O'Neill lets himself to be captured too, Teal'c, Daniel and Jamala find the second device, buried beneath the floor of a ruined temple

Carter manages to turn on the device and Hanson schedules a big meeting with the native around a layed-down Stargate. There he says that the demons will return where they came from and never come back. Then Daniel and Jamala interrupt him, confronting him, explaining to the natives that Hanson is not a god. Then Hanson says he offers the sky orange and turn on the shield device but nothing happens but a vertical orange beam. Then Daniel explains that they need two devices to build a shield. Jamala warns Teal'c with the staff weapon, and Teal'c turns on the second device, building an orange protective shield. Hanson grabs Carter, but O'Neill tackles Hanson. Jamala kills Baker and the natives take Hanson and throw him in the Stargate's event horizon. Hanson is killed when he crushes the Earth's iris.

Later, SG-1 leave the natives, letting them discovering a new and big world outside the caves.


  • This planet has no canonical name. Some wiki called it "Jonas' planet", yet Hanson is dead and the planet is now ruled by its native inhabitants.
  • It is not sure that the cave-dwellers mastered the wheel and the weight lifting systems before or after SG-9's arrival.

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