E.G. Frakes

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E.G. Frakes
Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Nationality American
Birth (1964-04-17)April 17, 1964[1]
Death 1997 (killed by Jonas Hanson)
Cave-dwellers' planet
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political information
Occupations Military[2],
Allegiance SG-9
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by D. Neil Mark
First appearance "The First Commandment"

E.G. Frakes[1] was a military[2] and an antropologist. He died on cave-dwellers' planet, killed by Captain Jonas Hanson.


In 1997, when the Stargate program took place, Frakes became part of the SG-9 team, led by Captain Jonas Hanson. One of his teammates and friend was Lieutenant Connor. For more than five weeks, he went on a planet to study the indigenous, but didn't notice first the change of behavior of Captain Hanson. The cave dwellers started to bow down to them, thinking they were gods. Yet Hanson didn't deny it. First, Frakes agreed first with Hanson that it might be safer to let them do. But the more they stayed, the more they believed they were gods, and Hanson believed then he was God. When Connor and Frakes finaly realized Hanson's behavior, they decided to warn Stargate Command regarding the situation (SG1: "The First Commandment").

Character's evolution

"The First Commandment" (1997)

On a planet during the night, Lieutenant Connor and Frakes are running into the woods to the Stargate, chased by Captain Jonas Hanson, Baker and the planet's natives. Suddunly Frakes tells Connor he has lost the remote. Connor comes back and finds the remote. Connor reaches the DHD and starts to dial Earth but Frakes is hit on the shoulder by a poisoned dart. He collapses on the ground. Connor realizes he is alone and looks for Frakes. When he finds him, a desperate Frakes orders him to go before collapsing again. Connor gone, Hanson, Baker and the local are around a layed down Frakes. Baker is holding Frakes by the hair. Looking at Frakes, Hanson says he is very disappointed of him, calling him his "son", then Hanson kills Frakes from point-blank range using his sidearm. Hanson orders to burn Frakes' body.

Later, when SG-1 come on the planet to look for SG-9, they finally find Connor. When Connor recovers, he shows them Frakes' ashes, stating that Hanson (and not the sun) dit that to Frakes. Connor removes Frakes' dogtags from the ashes.


  • Nothing in the dialogues tells us about Frakes being part of the military. Yet, Connor removes Frakes' dogtags from his ashes, inducing that Frakes was indeed part of the military.
  • Frakes' nationality is induced as he is part of the military.
  • Frakes' rank is not known.
  • According to his dogtags, Frakes SS number is 970215884; his birth date is April 17, 1964; blood type is O Positive; and he is a Catholic.[1]


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