Jonas Hanson

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For other uses, see Jonas and Hanson.
Jonas Hanson
Jonas Hanson in Stargate SG-1 Season 1.jpg
Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Nationality American
Death 1997
Cave-dwellers' planet
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Information about family
Affair Samantha Carter (former fiancee)
Socio-political information
Occupation Military
Rank Captain
Allegiance Himself
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by William Russ
First appearance "The First Commandment"

Captain Jonas Hanson was the former SG-9 leader. He died on the cave-dwellers' planet, thrown by the inhabitants in a layed down Stargate, crushing on the Earth's iris.


Hanson was a military how spent many years in the black ops. He was engaged with Samantha Carter to be married, but Carter gave his ring back because of his "control issues". According to Carter, Hanson was on a "lunatic fringe", yet "he was charming". Always taking a Bible with him, he was for many time looking for God. Following the formation of the SG teams, he was put in command of SG-9. SG-9 were sent to an inhabited planet for more than five weeks. When a child wandered out of the caves, Hanson brought him back barely alive two days after and the local began to worship him. Then, Hanson began to behave strangely, believing himself to be a god and a ruler among the planet's inhabitants. When some locals had doubts about his godliness, he punished them and exposed them to direct sunlight for seven days, leaving them blind with bleeding burns on all their bodies. They died soon after (SG1: "The First Commandment").

Character's evolution

"The First Commandment" (1997)

Lieutenant Connor and Frakes are running through the woods to the Stargate, chased by Captain Hanson, Baker and the planet's inhabitants. Frakes is hit by a dart and collapses soon after. Hanson comes to him and tells Frakes he's very disappointed in him, calling him "my son", and then shoots him with his firearm. Thinking that Connor ran through the Stargate, Hanson orders to burn Frakes' body.

Later, when SG-1 arrive on the planet, Connor is found by them. Then he asks Colonel O'Neill to speak freely about a superior officer and explains the situation. May be because of the radiation, Hanson became out of control, believing himself to be a god. Then when O'Neill asks Captain Carter and Connor to report back to General Hammond, both of them refuse. After explanations, all the team move in daylight to avoid pursuers.

Inside caves, Baker reports to Hanson that they sent SG-1. Hanson lift on his dogtags, looking at them, then snaps his chain and throws them away. Later, during the night, he gets out of the caves, looking at the cave-dwellers building a temple. The next day, he orders Baker to split the dwellers in two teams as they could work day and night. When Baker says they would die, Hanson mentions the notion of sacrifice as their way of salvation.

While preparing an attack plan and looking at Baker beating a cave-dweller, Carter says to Daniel Jackson that she can reach Hanson. Then she gets down, hit Baker and lets herself to be captured and led to Hanson. Then, Hanson explains the indigenous' situation, not convincing Carter at all. Carter grabs a pistol and aims it at him. Then, Hanson asks her to pull the trigger as it is still loaded, and according to him, this is the only way to help him. Carter refuses to shoot, and Hanson says that he had the control and that is the strength of a god. When Hanson shows his temple to Carter, she tells him that by the time it will be finished, there will be no one to worship him. Then, they come back in the cave and Hanson shows Carter a device that should turn the sky orange. He asks her to turn it on.

When O'Neill lets himself to be captured and is led to Hanson, Hanson orders Carter to turn it on or O'Neill will die. She executes herself and manages to turn the device on. Hanson sees the orange beam of light and admires it.

Later, in the wood near the Stargate that has been laid down. Hanson make a speech to all the natives, telling that they will bury the doorway where came the demons from and calls Stargate Command on the DHD. When he is on the verge to push O'Neill and Connor in the puddle, Daniel stops him, and tries to explain to the natives that he is not a god and uses machines. Hanson then says that he will give them the sun and the world, and turns on the shield device. But except for the orange beam, nothing happens. He order Carter to fix it, but Daniel explains that they need to turn on another device like this one in order to work. When the second device is on, the shield is finally established. Hanson tries to protect himself and grabs Carter. But O'Neill tackles Hanson, freeing Carter. The natives take Hanson and throw him in the event horizon, and with no iris code, Hanson dies, crushed on the iris on the other side.