Gravel pit planet

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Gravel pit planet
Astrographic information
Address [1]
Galaxy Unnamed galaxy
Atmosphere Breathable
Status Active
Societal information
Population None
History of Stargate Active but out of range of Destiny
Out of Stargate universe information
First appearance "Justice"

The gravel pit planet[1] is a planet located in an unnamed galaxy encountered by Destiny expedition.


The surface of the planet is arid, with small canyons around the Stargate area. Some remnants of vegetation seem to exist further away (SGU: "Justice", "Lost").


Locations on the gravel pit planet


A seed ship has put a Stargate on the planet. Before Destiny's arrival during a non defined period, a Nakai fighter crashed down at the surface of the planet for un undefined raison (SGU: "Justice").

Detailled evolution

"Justice" (2009)

Destiny drops out FTL nearby the planet. A team composed by Robert Caine, Dale Volker, and 2nd Lt Vanessa James and Airman Rennie as military backup, is sent by the Stargate. There, Caine complains as he didn't choose the right pair of shoes when he left Icarus base. When they think that the planet has nothing more to offer but rocks, they are about to come back, yet they discover a small alien ship crashed on a cliff.

Nicholas Rush wants to go there and analyse the first evidence of alien technology they encountered after visiting more than a dozen planets. Colonel Everett Young seems to agree with him. On the planet, Volker states that the ship is not Ancient according to its concept and the material used to build it. Caine doesn't read any emission from the ship. Young orders the team to fold back to Destiny.

The team gone, Young confronts Rush about Spencer's murder-disguised suicide. They argue each other and eventually start to fight. After a moment of struggle, Young knocks out Rush and comes back alone on Destiny, stating that Rush provoqued a rift that buried him, and that he didn't make it.

Some time later, during the night, Rush awakes and realizes that he has been left behind.


After he came back aboard Destiny, Nicholas Rush explains to Chloe Armstrong, Eli Wallace, Adam Brody and Dale Volker how he managed to flee the planet. He managed to activate the Nakai fighter's systems, and may be he activated a distress beacon as well. Soon after that, aliens showed themselved and took him with them.


While Eli Wallace, Matthew Scott and Chloe Armstrong try to get closer to Destiny using Stargate to pass from a planet to another one after they managed to exit from the ruins planet's maze, Eli analyses the different Stargate addresses of the nearby planets on the Ancient remote control. He realizes that they are going on the wrong way when he recognizes the address of the arid planet where they found the Nakai fighter. Eli thinks that they should go there since Rush found a way to put the computer back on line, and that they will surely find something.

On the planet, they come inside the fighter, manage to turn on the console and find out thanks to Chloe that they almost arrive at the far end of the galaxy, and they have to hurry if they don't want to be stranded for good. They leave the planet straight away.


  • The planet's name is not defined in the different characters' lines but is written on an official production sketch that shows the address' symbols. On the sheet one can see Gravel pit planet written on it.[1] The name is part of the canon as the sketch is official.


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