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A character from Stargate
Biographical information
A.K.A. The Sun God
Death 1995 (killed by Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson)
Abydos' orbit
Gender Asexual (male personality)
Race Goa'uld
Status Deceased
Socio-political information
Rank Supreme System Lord
Allegiance Himself
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Jaye Davidson
Kieron Lee (masked Ra)
First appearance Stargate

Ra was the Supreme System Lord among the Goa'uld. He eventually died, killed by Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson, around Abydos' orbit in 1995.


As he was going to die, Ra searched over the galaxies a way to sustain his life and came around 8,000 BC on Earth. He found here a primitive race and took a curious young man as his host, capable to regenerate infinitely thanks to his sarcophagus. He posed as a the Sun God and enslaved thousands of humans to extract naquadah in mines. He also used a Stargate he brought in the Giza plateau to bring people on Abydos to extract the same mineral in the planet's mine. Yet around 3,000 BC on Earth, people rebelled against Ra and buried the Stargate. Because of this rebellion, Ra forbid all writing on Abydos so the people cannot remember Earth's events and eventually rebel against him (Stargate).

Before 1,000 BC, Setesh tried to overthrown Ra, but he failed. He fled to Earth and hid himself, waiting for a better moment (SG1: "Seth").

Character's evolution

Stargate (1995)

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

After Apophis' invasion of Stargate Command, Daniel Jackson (who has returned to Earth), states that Ra may not be the last of his kind. When SG-1 are taken prisoners, Captain Samantha Carter thinks that Ra is still alive. But Jackson says that it is not Ra, but Apophis the Serpent Guard, who abducted them.


When Hathor awakes from her sarcophagus, she asks where is Ra. After been brought to Stargate Command, she is more than happy to hear that Ra has been killed by Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson.


Jacob Carter brings in Stargate Command an holographic pyramid representing all the System Lords, like a family tree. Daniel Jackson notices that Ra is at the top of the pyramid.


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