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Biographical information
Planet of origin Abydos
Death 2002
Abydos (ascended)
Race Abydonian
Species Human
Information about family
Children Sha're (daughter deceased)
Skaara (son ascended)
Other relative Daniel Jackson (stepson)
Socio-political information
Occupation Abydonian leader
Allegiance Abydonian
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Erick Avari (Stargate, SG-1)
Daniel Rashid (Origins)
First appearance Stargate

Kasuf was an Abydonian, leader among his people. He first met Dr. Daniel Jackson and Colonel Jack O'Neill in 1995. He ascended in 2002 thanks to Oma Desala when Anubis destroyed Abydos.


Kasuf was the leader of the Abydonian population as well as an elder among his people. He was the father of Sha're and Skaara (Stargate).

Character's evolution

Stargate (1995)

When the first Abydos mission team encouter the Abydonians, Skaara run away to call Kasuf. Later on a mastage, Kasuf arrives on the mine plant and meets Daniel Jackson. He offers them some beverage and Daniel offers him back a 5th Avenue chocolate bar. He invites the team to follow him in the city. There, he shows them a big circular bronze with the symbol of the Eye of Ra. Soon after Kasuf claps his hands to order the closing of the city's gate to prevent a sandstorm coming out inside. As Kawalsky, Brown and O'Neill start to panic, Kasuf tries to tell them what's going on. After O'Neill discovers the very reason, Kawalsky apologies to Kasuf bowing to him. Kasuf returns the bow, visibly understanding what Kawalsky wanted to say.

During the night, a feast meal is occuring. Kasuf orders to bring the meal and encourage Daniel to eat. Then Daniel attemps to communicate with Kasuf using writing on the sand, but Kasuf quickly erases the writing with his foot. Suddenly, he pushes Sha're back and urges the crowd. Daniel is taken by womens who bring him in a tent, washing him. Then Sha're comes in, removing her top from her shoulders. Daniel softly rebukes her, brings her out of the tent but Kasuf and the elders are standing here. Kasuf is afraid to displease Daniel, but the latter pulls again the curtain and returns in the tent with Sha're.

The next morning, two Death gliders attack the city, leaving many casualties. Kasuf is using his cloak to recover a body. When Skaara comes to him Kasuf says to Skaara that they should not have helped the strangers.

One day after, O'Neill, his team and some Abydonian kids, rebel against the Horus guards and kill Horus. Kasuf is alarmed and tells Skaara that he will bring disaster on them. Skaara replies back, but Daniel says to Kasuf to take a good look at his "gods", pushing a button on the helmet, revealing a very human face.

The next day, when Kawalsky's team surrender to the Horus guards, Kasuf stands up on the top the dunes, with a heavy crowd of Abydonians rushing towards the guard, and surrounding them. After the victory against Ra, Kasuf proclaims victory, raising up a staff, and the crowd cheer with him.

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

Following Sha're and Skaara's capture, Daniel Jackson asks his fellow Abydonians to warn Sha're's father that in one year, he will contact him with or without Sha're. If he doesn't he orders them to bury the Stargate with a big, heavy coverstone.

"Secrets" (1998)

One Abydos year after Sha're and Skaara's rapture (SG1: "Children of the Gods"), Kasuf unburies the Stargate and is looking at the MALP's camera sent trough the 'gate. In Stargate Command, Daniel Jackson, observing the monitor, says he has to tell Kasuf about her daughter, whatever it takes. Daniel returns to Abydos with Teal'c, and the two of them meet Kasuf. As Daniel says he returned without Sha're, Kasuf brings them in a tent where they discover a very pregnant Sha're.

Teal'c raises a Zat'nik'tel on Sha're, but Kasuf stands before her and asks to take his life instead of hers. Daniel warns Kasuf that Sha're has been possessed by a Goa'uld symbiote. But Sha're reveals that her demon, called Amaunet is sleeping because of the child she's carrying. Kasuf is stunned to hear that, saying that Sha're is here for more than a season.

Later, Kasuf tries to comfort Sha're, thinking that Daniel doesn't react like a husband. He discovers that Sha're has the memory of Amaunet when the latter recognises Teal'c as the traitor who removed Apophis from his rank as a System Lord.

With Daniel and Teal'c, Kasuf tells her daughter to go with them and if Apophis comes, he will tell that an enemy came and stole Sha're and the child.

Later, Heru'ur is landing to retreive the Harsesis child. An Horus guard is interrogating Kasuf, beating him and attempting to cut his throat but Teal'c "zats" the Horus guard, saving Kasuf.

After the child's birth, and with Amaunet taking Sha're's body back, Daniel and Teal'c introduce the child to Kasuf and ask him to hide himself with the child elsewhere for safety.

"Forever in a Day" (1999)

SG-1 and other SG teams rush to a prison on a remote planet. There, they deliver the Abydonians and Kasuf who warns Daniel Jackson she took the boy. Then he points a tent in the distance where Amaunet is. Daniel asks Kasuf to keep his people together and to go with the people of the Tau'ri.[1]

"Absolute Power" (2000)

Kasuf calls back SG-1 as he's hearing a voice in the desert speaking his daughter's name. He brings them to the place where he heared the voice. There, a sandstorm blows up in a column in front of them, and after that, a young boy, Shifu, a Harsesis, appears and walks towards Daniel Jackson.

"Full Circle" (2002)

When Anubis plans an attack on Abydos, Kasuf takes the women ant the chidren to the caves of Kalima where they should be safe. However all the planet is destroyed by Anubis killing everybody but SG-1, but Kasuf, along with his fellow Abydonians, is ascended to a higher plane of existence by Oma Desala.[2]


  • Kasuf means "silver-colored" in Hebrew.

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  1. In the rest of the episode, all scenes we see are the effects of the message passed through the Goa'uld hand device by Sha're to Daniel Jackson. Actually, from the moment Daniel gets in the tent and Teal'c kills Sha're to save Daniel, only a couple of minutes passed. So, when we see Kasuf in Stargate Command and at Sha're's funerals, this is just part of an hallucination.
  2. We don't see Kasuf in "Full Circle" but he is mentionned by one of the Abydonian elders. At the end of the episode, an ascended Skaara reveals to Jack O'Neill that Oma Desala ascended them.