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Biographical information
A.K.A. Horus Warrior
Death 1998 (killed by Teal'c)
Race Jaffa
Species Human
Socio-political information
Occupation Horus guard
Allegiance Heru'ur
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Michael Tiernan
First appearance "Thor's Chariot"

Ryn'tak was an Horus warrior allegied to Heru'ur. He has been killed in 1998 by Teal'c on Abydos.

Character's evolution

"Thor's Chariot" (1998)

Ryn'tak is among other Horus guards in the attempt to conquer planet Cimmeria for his master Heru'ur, following the destruction of Thor's hammer by SG-1 in 1997 (SG1: "Thor's Hammer"). When SG-1 and the Cimmerians are trapped in a cave with not enough ammunition to fire back, Rin'tak steps forward the group and orders the insurgents to surrender. Colonel Jack O'Neill eventually raises his gun and surrenders, followed by Captain Carter, Daniel Jackson and a reluctant Teal'c.

Soon after, when the group is followed by the Horus guards, the blue sky suddenly becomes cloudy and thunder rumbles continuously. Ryn'tak and his fellow Horus guards become nervous. Then a giant spaceship descends from within the clouds, and uses a screechy beam to make Ryn'tak, the Horus guards and all Goa'uld stuff disappear from the surface of the planet.


Heru'ur, Ryn'tak, and a group of Horus guards arrive inside the Abydos Stargate room through the transportation rings in order to locate Amaunet and her unborn child. Ryn'tak goes to the DHD to find that someone tried to dial an address.

Later, Ryn'tak reports to Heru'ur that, according to many people from the city, Amaunet is here. As Ryn'tak suggest that they shall be here when Apophis will come to claim the baby, Heru'ur orders Ryn'tak to take Amaunet and the child alive.

Inside a tent near the city, Ryn'tak (with an Horus helmet) is torturing Kasuf in order to obtain the location of Apophis' queen and the child. Kasuf cannot answer as he doesn't know anything, then Teal'c comes inside the tent and shoots Ryn'tak with a Zat'nik'tel.


  • Michael Tiernan's character is credited as "Horus Warrior" in "Thor's Chariot", and was in the service of Heru'ur. In "Secrets", he is credited as "Ryn'tak" in the ending credits and looses his goatee but is still with Heru'ur. This is obviously the same character.
  • One can't see Ryn'tak's face when he is torturing Kasuf, yet his voice is the same than the previous scene with Heru'ur with a small distortion because of the Horus helmet.
  • Actually, it is not sure that Ryn'tak has been killed as one can see and hear only one Zak'nik'tel shot on screen. Usually, one shot only incapacitates.


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