Abydos Stargate room

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Abydos Stargate room
Location type Room
Geographical situation
Galaxy Milky Way
Planet abydos
Localization Abydos pyramid
Function Stargate room, dinner room
Status destroyed (along with Abydos)
Information non linked to the Stargate universe
First appearance Stargate

The Abydos Stargate room was a huge room located inside the Abydos pyramid. This room was destroyed along with Abydos by Anubis in 2002.


This room was built inside the Abydos pyramid and contained the Stargate as well as its Dial Home Device. This room was the place where all the offering and naquadah for Ra were put together. It also contained transportation rings. (Stargate).



Stargate (1995)

When the coordinates found on the Giza coverstone are used to call a remote planet, a team is formed to pass through the Stargate. All of them end inside a dark room once the Stargate is deactivated.

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

"Secrets" (1998)

"Full Circle" (2002)


Behind the scenes

  • The movie set and the series set are quite different, as in the movie, it was a dark zone. More, there was no DHD visible in the movie.

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