Abydos cartouche chamber

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Abydos cartouche chamber
Location type Room
Geographical situation
Galaxy Milky Way
Planet Abydos
Status Destroyed, along with Abydos, by Anubis.
Information non linked to the Stargate universe
First appearance "Children of the Gods"
Cpt Samantha Carter Oh my God. This is amazing. This is the archaeological find of the century.
Col Jack O'Neill Daniel, you had a chance to translate this yet?
Dr. Daniel Jackson I think so.
O'Neill What does it say?
Jackson Well, uh, it doesn't say anything. Actually it's sort of a chart, more of a… map.
O'Neill Of?
Jackson Well I haven't been able to analyze all of it, I mean look at it. It would take my whole life.
O'Neill Well, Daniel, we don't have that long. What's it a map of?
Jackson Well, the cartouches seem to be separated clearly into groupings. Each grouping is attached to the others with a series of lines. And each grouping of glyphs contain seven symbols. So you can see where this is going, of course.
Stargate SG-1: "Children of the Gods"

Abydos has a huge chamber containing many cartouches.


This place is a huge underground chamber. It is lit by two big braziers. There are two lines of massive statues representing people with animal's head. On the background is the symbol of Ra. On the walls are written many symbols (SG1: "Children of the Gods").


One month after Colonel Jack O'Neill leaved Abydos, Doctor Daniel Jackson started to investigate on the planet for interesting locations, starting by the Abydos town, and expanding further. He finally found this location and started to study all the hieroglyphs written on the walls. Those writings mean nothing first, but he noticed they are grouped by seven symbols. According to him, this place contains many coordinates for Stargate locations, forming a huge network of Stargates (SG1: "Children of the Gods").


"Children of the Gods" (1997)

Doctor Daniel Jackson, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter, Major Charles Kawalsky, and three Abydonians enter into a huge room containing hundred of symbols. Daniel explains that he explored all the perimeter starting with the Abydos town, and then, one month later, he discovered this chamber. O'Neill asks Daniel if he had translated the writing yet. Daniel says that the symbols say nothing but they are arranged by group of seven, forming what it seems to be a chart, or more likely a map. According to Daniel, this map contains the addresses of a vast network of Stargates. Carter says it cannot be as her team tried hundreds of permutation which didn't work. Daniel says he tried as well, but assumed that the destinations were destroyed or buried. He also asks where their Ra looklike came from. Daniel then says he's not specialist in astrophysics, but he thinks that the planets move. Carter then realizes that, according to the expanding universe model, all celestial bodies are constantly moving. According to her, Abydos seems to be the closest planet from Earth, and the others cannot be reached using the dialing computer because the latter didn't take the planetary drift in its calculations. Now with this map as a base, she will be able adjust the computer model. O'Neill and Kawalsky ask for the conclusion. Carter says that the enemies could have come from anywhere as the Stargate can go to other places. Carter records all the symbols with a video camera.[1]

Back in Stargate Command, Carter put all coordinates in the dialing computer, hoping to set two or three destinations a month. Major Ferretti, who has been wounded by Apophis' faction during the recon, is able to determine on a computer all the coordinates of the location Apophis typed on the Dial Home Device.


Behind the scenes

  • The symbols showed on screen appear to be Egyptian hieroglyphs, not Stargate symbols.

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  1. This part is induced as she told O'Neill she had everything she needed after Apophis attacked Abydos. This statement is actually more visible in the recut movie, Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut.