Caves of Kaleemah

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Caves of Kaleemah
Colonel Jack O'Neil, his remaining team, and the kids of Abydos inside the caves of Kaleemah (Stargate)
Location type Room
Geographical situation
Galaxy Milky Way
Planet Abydos
Status Destroyed, along with Abydos
Information non linked to the Stargate universe
First appearance Stargate

The caves of Kaleemah are a hidden location located on Abydos, used by the Abydonians to hide themselves from the Goa'uld System Lords. It has been destroyed, along with Abydos, by Anubis in 2002.


The caves are located far from the Abydos pyramid, several rooms are available, some of them are separated by a curtain to have some privacy (Stargate).


Stargate (1995)

After Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Kawalsky and Ferretti have been delivered from Ra, the kids of Abydos, lead by Skaara and Sha're, come into the caves to hide from Ra's troops. Here the kids celebrate their victory but O'Neill rebukes them as it seems hopeless to win. There, Jackson finds out that him and Sha're are married. He eventually kisses her while Skaara closes the curtain to give them privacy.

The next morning, Skaara draws with a clay the symbol of their victory. Jackson figures out the seventh missing symbol; they can go back home.

"Full Circle" (2002)

Skaara run to the Abydos' elders to learn that Anubis is coming. The elders tell him that Kasuf is taking women and children to the caves of Kaleemah. Skaara warns the elder that it will not be enough to protect them.


  • In the Stargate movie, the location is not named but seen. It is the opposite in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Full Circle".
  • The name "Caves of Kaleemah" is spelt according to the Blu-ray SDH subtitles and the episode's Dialogue Continuity Script. There is no writing of the location on the DVD subtitles.