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Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Nationality American
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political information
Occupation Military
Rank Major
Allegiance US Air Force, Stargate Command
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by French Stewart (Stargate),
Brent Stait (Stargate SG-1)
First appearance Stargate

Ferretti was a Major part of the US Air Force. He participated to the First Abydos mission in 1995. Wounded in 1997 during the Second Abydos mission, he became SG-2's commanding officer after Major Kawalsky's death.

Character's evolution

Stargate (1995)

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

"Within the Serpent's Grasp" (1998)

When SG-1 rush into the gate room to pass through the Stargate on the address brought back by Daniel Jackson from the alternate reality's SGA (SG1: "There But For the Grace of God"), General Hammond and Major Ferretti try to find a way to the room but they eventually find only the door closed. Hammond orders Ferretti to open the door. Al last, they enter the gate room when Teal'c is the last to get through the wormhole.

Later, in the Stargate Command briefing room, Msgt. Harriman comfirms that it was SG-1 who passed through the Stargate using coordinates from "the other place". Ferretti asks General Hammond permission to send SG-2 to get them back. Hammond replies it would only for court martial. Then Ferretti tells Hammond that O'Neill saved him more than once and he'd like to back him up and he's ready to take the risk.

Later, in the gate room, SG-2 is ready to go through the Stargate. General Hammond officially orders Major Ferretti to bring back SG-1 for court martial. But he insists him to bring them back alive and well. But, unfortunately, the gate address seventh chevron doesn't lock, making the rescue mission impossible.

"Shades of Grey" (1999)

When Colonel Jack O'Neill is forced to retire because of his unacceptable behavior on Tollana, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Major Samantha Carter speculate about a fourth member for SG-1. Jackson thinks that someone like Ferretti may join the team and Carter becomes team's commander. Carter replies that the SGC may not choose a Major as commanding officer.

"Maternal Instinct"

Major Coburn is put in charge of SG-2. Major Ferretti's new assignment is unknown.


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