Dialing computer

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Dialing computer
The dialing computer screen showing the end of a dialing sequence (SG1: "Unending").
Production information
Manufacturer Tau'ri
Designer Tau'ri
Technical specifications
Control system At least three super-computers
Function Dialing Stargate addresses, instead of a Dial Home Device.
Size A full room
Power source Electricity
Year introduced Stargate
Affiliation Tau'ri

The dialing computer is a Tau'ri-designed device used in Stargate Command in order to dial Stargate addresses. Catherine Langford started the dialing computer project in 1982 and it was improved by Samantha Carter since 1993. This is the Earth version of the Dial Home Device.


The dialing computer consists in three super-computers (in 1997) located in the Stargate Command control room. To access it, a special keyboard has been conceived to enter Stargate addresses. This keyboard has pads shaped with the Stargate glyphs. Different screens are used to follow the dialing sequence, the Stargate's state, and so on (SG1: "Children of the Gods").


In 1982, with the development of Project Giza, Catherine Langford led a scientific team who started to build a computing system capable of using the Stargate, known at this time as "Doorway to Heaven". This system used three super-computers. In 1993, Langford hired Captain Samantha Carter, theoretical astrophysicist, who improved the dialing computer. According to Carter, this system was "MacGyvered".[1] This system had at first only one designated address stored; the Stargate address found on the Giza cartouche (Stargate, SG1: "Children of the Gods").



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  1. This line has been said in "Children of the Gods". In Brad Wright's recut version of the pilot, this line has been replaced.