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Project Giza
Logo image
Logo image visible on a computer screen

Geopolitical informations
Predecessor 1945 Stargate experiments
Successor Stargate Command
Type Military/Civilian
Purpose Discovering of the purpose of the Stargate
Headquarters Cheyenne Mountain complex[1]
Location Colorado Springs
Language(s) English

Project Giza was a USA program, to learn everything on a device called the Stargate.


Around forty years after the 1945 Stargate experiments were given up, Catherine Langford—may be thanks to Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter who payed her a visit in 1969—requested number of USA administrations to build up a new research team and organisation to find out the purpose of the Stargate. All the material found in the Giza digging in 1928, including the gate and the coverstone, were transfered from the Washington military armory to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex[1], a former military missile training facility. The project was supervised by the US Air Force, led by Major General W.O. West. In 1982, the team began to build a dialing computer, using three supercomputers.

Langford hired different egyptologists, linguists and technicians, like Doctors Barbara Shore and Gary Meyers to decipher the meaning of the device and translate a strange cartouche. In 1993, Captain Samantha Carter, theoretical astrophysicist, joined the team and improved the dialing computer. Finding that the symbols from the cartouche were present on the Stargate, they enventually started to dial up the gate, but they failed after the lock of the sixth chevron. Catherine Langford tried then a new strategy, by attempting to recruit Doctor Daniel Jackson, a young misfit egyptologist rejected by his pairs, who has strange theories about Egyptian mythology (Stargate, SG1: "The Torment of Tantalus", "1969").

Notable people


Stargate (1995)

Dr. Daniel Jackson is hired by Catherine Langford for a translation of hieroglyphics. He joins Project Giza, meets Drs. Gary Meyers and Barbara Shore, and discovers the Giza coverstone. 15 days later he discovers the meaning of the Stargate address as well as the Stargate itself. During a meeting with the military, he explains that the seven symbols found on the cartouche are coordinates, six used for the location, and the last one as point of origin.

As part of the project, Major General W.O. West green lits the sending of a recon mission on the newly found planet through the Stargate.

"Children of the Gods" (1997)

The Project Giza seems down; the Stargate is covered by a tarp. All personal is living the place for months. The remaining people are five guards who have no idea about the use and purpose of the device.

Following Apophis' attack on Earth, Colonel Jack O'Neill's reactivation in the US Air Force, the discovery of a full network of Stargates by Dr. Daniel Jackson, and thanks to the President of the United States, the Stargate Program comes into being, replacing defunct Project Giza. This program focuses on the discovery of new planets, new threats, the gathering of new technology, and diplomatic encounters with alien populations when possible.


  1. 1.0 1.1 The movie sets it inside the Creek Mountain military installation, yet it has been retconed to Cheyenne Mountain, to fit Stargate SG-1 canon.

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