Jenny (Stargate)

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Biographical information
Planet of origin Earth
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political information
Occupation Technician
Allegiance Project Giza
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Lee Taylor-Allan
First appearance Stargate

Jenny was a female technician who worked for Project Giza.


Sometimes before 1995, Jenny has been hired for Project Giza. She worked on the Stargate dialing computer (Stargate).

Character's evolution

Stargate (1995)

When Doctor Daniel Jackson finally discovers the seventh symbol, Jenny sets it inside the computer. The dialing sequence begins and Jenny tells each chevron lock while Mitch check the power consumed. Then the seventh symbol locks, the Stargate kawooshes, and everybody including Jenny are stunned, speachless.

When a probe is sent through the Stargate, Jenny orders all the personnel to evacuate the Stargate room. During the probe's travel, she starts to analyse. There is a mass, may be a moon or a big asteroid. She then notices the signal is getting lost, and the Stargate disengages.

Later, when a team led by Colonel Jack O'Neill are prepraring to travel by the Stargate, Jenny and Mitch check all the materials before departure.