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Biographical information
Planet of origin Abydos
Death 1995
Race Abydonian
Species Human
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Gianin Loffler
First appearance Stargate

Nabeh was a young Abydonian, close friend to Skaara. He has been killed by Horus guards on Abydos in 1995.

Character's evolution

Stargate (1995)

During the trip bringing them back to a big fortified city, Doctor Daniel Jackson is having allergies. Just after sneezing in an handkerchief and putting it back to his back pocket, Nabeh grabs the handkerchief. Skaara seems unhappy with Nabeh's reaction, takes back the handkerchief and gives it back to Jackson.

During the meal offered by the locals, Jackson imitates the chicken after testing a cooked animal. Nabeh, Skaara and the others laugh.

Skaara demonstrates the usage of the lighter Jack O'Neill offered to him. Nabeh touches the flame of the lighter and burns his fingers. O'Neill himself comes and asks the group if they know where Jackson is. Nabeh and the other mimic every gesture O'Neill does. Then Skaara realises that O'Neill was talking about Jackson and imitates the chicken. Nabeh continues to gesture a chicken until Skaara slaps his leg and scolds him.

Skaara and all the Abydonians (including Nabeh) follow O'Neill's team back the Abydos pyramid. After O'Neill's capture, Skaara and all the kids find and retreive all the weapons in the base camp, Nabeh, him, is more interested by a helmet, but Skaara grabs him before been discovered by Death gliders coming out the ship.

Coming back in the cave, Sha're asks Skaara and Nabeh about Ra's oppression. The next day, during an execution ordered by Ra, Skaara, Nabeh and the others kids start using the weapons in the air, provoquing a confusion and the escape of O'Neill and his team. Later, in a cave, Nabeh tells Jackson that married people behavior is unusual between Jackson and Sha're. Jackson realises that he has been married to Sha're and take her in room. Nabeh is watching while Skaara pulls a curtain to give them some privacy.

The next day, after a first group is stranded inside the pyramid, Nabeh is part of a second group. Then, Death gliders come out and start firing on the group. Major Kawalsky has arrange the caravan to make a barrage. Everybody but Nabeh have run to it. As Nabeh finaly decides to run to the camp, a Death glider shoots him, killing him instantly. Skaara is desperate, wanting to come to him but Kawalsky refrains him.