P3W-451's black hole

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P3W-451's black hole
P3W-451's black hole.jpg
Type Astronomy
Current status Active
Out of Universe information
First appearance "A Matter of Time"
Wikipedia article
"A newly formed one by the looks of it. P3W-451 was orbiting its companion star. The orbit's probably pulling them closer and closer."
—Captain Samantha Carter (SG1: "A Matter of Time")

P3W-451's black hole

Detailled evolution

"A Matter of Time" (1998)

In space, nearby a planet and its companion star, some star's matter is drawn by another bright star. Suddenly, this star blasts then a small black hole appears, sucking all the solid rocks in it, and making it stronger.

When Stargate Command dials back the planet, the personnel who is inside the control room eventually witness all the team members trying to flee the newly formed black hole, but time seems to freeze from their outlook.


Behind the scenes

  • This black hole has different design than will have other ones in franchise.