Samantha Carter (Replicator)

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This article is about the Human-form Replicator created by Fifth. For the main Stargate character, see Samantha Carter. For the other "Samantha Carters", see Samantha Carter (disambiguation).
Replicator Samantha Carter
Biographical information
Birth 2004 (created by Fifth)
Death 2004
Gender assexual
Race Human-form Replicator
Socio-political information
Allegiances Herself,
Previously Fifth
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Amanda Tapping
First appearance "New Order", Part 2

This version of Samantha Carter was a human-form Replicator created by Fifth in the image of Major Samantha Carter. She has been killed by the Dakara superweapon in 2004.

Character's evolution

"New Order", Part 2 (2004)


"Reckoning", Part 1

"Reckoning", Part 2


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