Transcript:Cold Lazarus

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Colonel O'Neill.

What have we got here, Teal'c?

I do not know.


(Daniel) It may indicate a civilisation of some kind.

(O'Neill) Well, let's spread out and take a look.

(Carter) I think there's a way down over here.

Crystals. Granite, not volcanic.

I don't see any that aren't broken.

These pieces might fit together.

There's a whole one.

Looks like they've been blasted apart by something.

(Daniel) It's damaged.

I don't see any other whole ones, do you?

(O'Neill) Teal'c.


Where's the colonel?

(Daniel) Jack, we've finished our recon. We're ready to head back.

(crackling) Is this... Am I using this right?

Ready to head out, sir!

(Daniel) Colonel!

(Hammond) Welcome back, SG-1. Debriefing will commence at 0900.

The samples we brought are being analysed.

And we explored around the gate without finding any sign of recent Goa'uld mining.

There was no indication that Goa'ulds had been through that gate in 1,000 years.

- Tell me about these crystals. - We found thousands near the Stargate.

Since we didn't find them elsewhere on the planet, it's likely they were put there.

- (Hammond) Why? - Early Greek cultures valued crystal.

Perhaps the pit has some religious or ceremonial significance.

(Hammond) Your report doesn't mention population.

There's no evidence of a developed culture, nothing.

I'm with Daniel. We didn't find any unbroken crystals,

but we have this one and pieces of a few larger ones back in decon.

Flag this one, Colonel.

SG-1 is on stand-down until your next mission comes up. Dismissed.


Hey, Colonel.

Listen, no offence, Colonel, but this becomes the women's locker room in...

Well, now.

You know how I hate those sandy planets.

You don't have to hurry on my account.

Nice. You have a family.


I'm an auntie, myself. My brother moved to San Diego, so I don't see him much.

He has two kids now, a boy and a girl. I miss 'em like hell.

I don't get there near enough.

I can see you feel the same way.

Goodbye, Sam.


- Jack seems very focused. - Yeah.

He was looking at pictures of his family. He must be in a hurry to get home.

- I didn't even know he was married. - 0h, he isn't.

Um, he was, but they separated after his son... died.

Colonel O'Neill, you are departing?


You said one day you would show me your world. I would like to see it now.

Another time.

I've known him for months, and he doesn't mention a life outside here,

and I'm thinking he just doesn't have one. What else don't I know?

He doesn't really tell you much until he gets to know you.

Yeah, that's an understatement.

All right, what do we have here?

Passed the decontamination protocols.

I noticed it's got a low-level EM field you should check out.

Either that or my fridge magnets fell off by themselves.

- I'm sorry. EM? - Electromagnetic energy. Thanks.

So, tell me more about the colonel. What happened to his son?

Charlie... accidentally killed himself with Jack's personal gun.

Oh, God. That's horrible.

Jack never forgave himself. He holed up and turned his back on the world for...

- a long time. - Yeah, I can imagine.

I don't know what I'd do. What about his wife?

Sara? I don't think they've met since he joined SG-1.

He hasn't said anything but, like I said...

He doesn't tell you much. Right.

Look at this. See the edge of this crystal, how it's glassy, like it's been melted?

Can you tell what did it?

It may shed light on what the significance of the pit was and who put them there.

It takes extreme temperatures to melt quartz.

- Lightning? - Maybe. But it's too precise, too clean.

I think I've seen a cut like this before. Here, in this facility.

(woman) Dad, I left some iced tea in there for you.

(inexpressively) Hello, Sara.

(more normally) Hello, Sara.

May be time to face facts, Dad. This old thing has seen better days.

You shouldn't be so quick to give up on the aged. Makes a father worry.

C'mon, Dad, I'm serious. If I keep...

Hello, Sara.

- Been there long? - Yes.

- Could've said something. - I did.

Right. You did.

- Is something wrong? - I think it's the ignition.

But you didn't come about the car.


So what, you decided you'd just... show up?

Waltz back into my life? Is that it?


I need to find Charlie. Is he here?


I need Charlie. That's his bicycle, isn't it?

- I kept some of his things. - Yes, I know.

Jack, what are you doing? You're scaring me.

It's important, Sara.

- Charlie! - Don't! Let go of me.

What is wrong with you? Is this your idea of a joke? Get away from me.


You don't understand.

Son, if upsetting her is your way of trying to win a woman's heart, it's a stupid one.

- Anyone ever tell you that? - I think you just did.

Come on in.

(PA) Attention. All new personnel report to auditorium, sub-level one,

for orientation at 1430 hours.

(woman) After last night's rally turned ugly and protesters clashed with police,

police have announced that a dusk-to-dawn curfew is in effect.

No word yet on any casualties.

(man) In finance, the bull was annihilated today, with bears leaving a sea of red.

(punk-rock music)

(woman) ..for the third straight day. No one on either side can say how it started.

Teal'c, we need your help.

- Your world is a strange place. - So's yours.

Listen, we need to sign out your staff weapon.

- Are we being deployed? - No, no. It's OK. C'mon.

Parents shouldn't outlive their children. It isn't natural.


He loved to laugh.

Yeah. Sometimes, I can still hear him laughin' at one of my bad jokes.

Sara kept all of his things, like that bike outside.

I guess it's her way of keepin' him around awhile.

I thought I would find Charlie here.

- Look around, you still might. - He's gone.

What do I do?

Sara comes up here and talks to him sometimes, and it helps her.

If it helps you, I'm glad you're here.

For an Irishman, you never were much of a talker, but that never mattered.

I'll give you that much. You married my daughter.

Say what you need to Charlie, if that's all you came for, but Sara isn't over you yet.

So you break her heart again and, God help me, I'll make you wish you never did.

All right!

- How was your day? - Fine.

Oh, look what came home from school today.

Is Charlie about ready?

Yeah. He was running around a few minutes ago.




Here's a good one.

(PA) What's going on?

You received permission for me to fire my staff weapon in the gate room?

- Oh, yeah. - Absolutely.

I noticed that the edge Where the crystal was melted

looked like the walls of the gate room after Apophis's guards shot up the place.

Take a look at this. We did a complete study trying to figure out what they used.

We kept a few pieces and that gave me the idea.

Your weapon is the same as Apophis's, so we can compare the blast marks.

I'm telling the computer to build a model.

We should see if the energy signatures are the same or not.

- Matches up. - Goa'uld weapons destroyed the crystals.

Yeah. I'd say a whole mess of the staff weapons did it.

We haven't talked about Charlie since he died. Why now?

What were you doing up there?

Do you remember how much fun Charlie used to have playing that... game?

- Baseball? - Baseball.

- He loved that game. - He loved playing, with you.


- I have to get back to the Stargate. - Back to what?


It's a...

big... round metal... object.

A ring... of energy.

You always could spin a line of bull to avoid talkin' to me.

What's wrong?

I've been crying. That's What's wrong. What's with you?

Upstairs. I've never seen you like that before.

For a second, I thought you were gonna cry.

Where's all that O'Neill military bravado?

I don't think I have it.

- What? - Smoke.

Oh, my God! Mike left a casserole in for me.

(Carter) The energy signature looks like some kind of gas plasma laser.

I'd love to get this into the spectrometer at Stanford.

What is a Stanford?

D'you see this thing inside? I didn't think that was there before.

Whoa! Captain Carter, Teal'c!


It was... me

It was me.

- Are you OK? - Just... look.

- My reflection. So? - Closer.

Holy Hannah!

Help us.

Oh, my God!

Why is it spinning up? No one's due back.

It was trying to communicate with us.

I don't know the magic password. Do you?

- (alarm) - It's the gate. Incoming.

(PA) Off world activation. This is not a drill.

- I didn't think anyone was due back. - No one is.

Offworld activation. This is not a drill.

All units, report to stations. This is not a drill.

- Where's the iris? - Someone used the remote.

- Who? We're all here. - Whoever it is has our codes.

Heads up, people.

What are you doin', leavin' without me?

What's with all the ordnance?

Who are you?

What do you mean, who am I?

- What the heck's goin' on here? - Good question. Take him into custody.

C'mon, get me outta here!

Tell you what, let me put it nicely.

Get me the hell outta here!

If that isn't O'Neill, I wanna know who the hell we're looking at.

We're searchin' the facility now, sir.

I'm waiting for you to say... "I'm sorry",

or... "I wanna get back together",

or just whatever's on your mind. Anything. Just talk to me.

The first time we were together, is this where we came?

- You're angry. - Angry? At you? No, I'm not angry.


- You were. - When?

When Charlie died.

It's why I left.


You son of a bitch.

You walked out on me back then because you thought I was mad at you?

- You tryin' to tell me it's my fault? - No.

Why didn't you talk to me? Why didn't you ask?

I should have... but I didn't.

- So you were angry. - No.


What did you expect? It happened in our house.

It was your gun.

I know you blamed yourself.

But if you'd just opened up for once and let me through that armour of yours...

we could have helped each other.

I needed you.

I know.

You know?

And you can say it, just like that... after all this time?

I'm sorry it took so long. It should have been said sooner.

Is that what you came to tell me?

There's no way to make you understand what I came here to do.

- You couldn't understand. - Try me.

If I could bring Charlie back through the Stargate...

Shut up about that, would you?! Charlie is gone, Jack.

We should be talking about us and what happened, and not...


My God!

Jack? Jack, what is that?

What's happened to you?

We gotta get you to the hospital.

The MRI was negative.

The DNA screen matches what we have on file.

Physical examination shows some trauma. Otherwise he seems healthy.

- "Healthy" doesn't cut it. - The evidence says he's Jack O'Neill.

- Thank you, Doctor. - Then how do you explain the other one?

What other one?


OK, so that's not possible. I didn't come back with you guys.

- (O'Neill) What is that? - The EM energy in the one intact crystal

we brought back from P3X-562 may hold the key to this.


The electromagnetic energy in the crystal is able to mimic things.

It recreated Daniel and I, cloned us electronically. At least, part of us.

It seemed to read our thoughts and speech, and mimic them, too.

What if the other O'Neill is energy like the thing Daniel and I found in the crystal,

only a more powerful, more evolved form of it?

One powerful enough to copy a whole person, not just faces.

- Is that what we're looking at? - Could be.

- And it tried to communicate with you? - It asked for our help.

This may not work.



- What are you? - Energy, unity.

- You would describe me thus. - You asked for help.

If I remain here, my energy will disintegrate. I must return.

Why did you not speak before?

- Fear. - Fear of what?

The Goa'uld came to our planet long ago.

We were not afraid then and we tried to greet them.

One of them touched us as you did and was destroyed by our energy.

Well, that's some kind of welcome wagon you got there.

It almost killed me.

The Goa'ulds must have been exploring.

That's why it was afraid. We look like them.

- One of the Goa'ulds was killed? - They gathered all the unity and ended it.

We confirmed Goa'uld weapons did it.

Then that pit wasn't a ceremonial place at all. It was some kind of... mass grave.

I can no longer sustain this form.

What was that?

Any ideas, any theories, explanations?


If you thought that your entire race was destroyed by the Goa'ulds

for harming one of them, what would you do if you thought it would happen again?

Sir, O'Neill - the other guy - is nowhere in the mountain.

0K, we got a problem. I ran some tests on the crystals in the lab.

Whatever the energy in the crystal is, it's decaying. It's ionising particle radiation.

- Nuclear radiation? - The amounts are not dangerous,

but if "O'Neill" - it - starts breaking down like the energy in the crystals

and it's more powerful than what we have,

then anyone nearby could get a lethal dose.

If that's true, we have a very serious problem. Let's hope it's not.

Something else. I've thought about where it went.

Sir, it was in your locker, looking at your personal stuff - pictures of your family.

(O'Neill) C'mon, Sara. C'mon.

(Sara) I can't take your call, so leave a message.

I gotta get there.

I'm pretty sure it's breaking down because Earth's electromagnetic field

is stronger than the one on P3X-562. The difference is tearing it apart.

- Can we stop it? - I don't know.

No one's at your Wife's house.

A local hospital admitted a J O'Neill less than an hour ago.

- Teal'c, leave that here. - I have seen your world. I will need it.

Can't let you take your weapon, Teal'c.

You, all of you, will be operating in public, so you can't do or say anything

that reveals the existence of the SGC or the Stargate.

Chicago, the Windy City. Home of the Blackhawks, the Bulls and the White Sox.

- (O'Neill) Don't forget the Cubs. - (Hammond) Heads up, Colonel.

Good luck.


- This is the place we brought him. - Yes, it is.

He died here.

Yes, he did.

Jack, What's happening to you?

I have to get to the Stargate. Can we do that?

Jack, I know you wanna get to the Stargate...



All right, people, I need buses up here.

I want these people outta here now! Come on, move, move!

As soon as Colonel O'Neill's team gives the signal, shut the power down inside.

- All right? - All right.

Thanks. Go. I'm all right. Go.

- I'm almost finished. - (O'Neill) Everybody out!

I need everybody outta here now! Let's go!

- Jack?! - Sara! Are you all right?

Honey, listen. This is me, baby.


- You all right? - Yeah.

OK. I wanna hear all about it, but not now. Are you OK?


- What room? - 33.


It's OK.

(Geiger pulses)

(Carter) Listen, Colonel. It's buried in the red.

- How's the power? - (man) Turned off as much as possible.

They've shutdown all they can.

(O'Neill) It's all right.

I'm not gonna hurt you.


stay back.

I do not want to harm you...


My... energy... is... about... to...

- (Carter) Radiation's down. - (Teal'c) O'Neill, are you all right?

I'm OK.

- (Carter) What's happening? - (man) We got 20% emergency power.

(Carter) Radiation's low enough. We should be all right.

You have come to destroy me.


That's not true.

I know you weren't trying to kill me back on the planet.

The Goa'ulds, the people who destroyed your race,

they're our enemies, too.

I understand.

Thank you.

Why did you come here?

When my energy hurt you,

I tried to heal you.

But I did not understand your injury.

So I looked into your mind.

I saw the mind of a warrior.

I feared it,

as I feared those who destroyed my race.

I tried to make you well,

before my mistake was discovered,

before the others returned...

to destroy me.

I understand now.

Your deepest pain was not the physical injury I had caused.

Your pain was from an empty place in your heart

where Charlie once was.

I thought if I could bring Charlie to you, it would make you well.

I did not understand his death meant

he could no longer exist as flesh and blood.

Physical death

does not have the same meaning... to us.

Are you dying now?


I could not bring Charlie to you.

- Charlie's gone. - No.

He's in here.


You cannot change what happened that day,

just as I cannot change the day that the Goa'uld destroyed my world.

I am showing you what of Charlie is still there, inside you.

(Daniel) Jack?



Radiation's still low, but I don't know for how long.

We have to go.

Is Sara O'Neill still here?


- (Carter) Chopper's inbound. - You guys go ahead.

(O'Neill) Sara.

Oh, my God.

It's not Charlie.



- I have to get him back. - To the Stargate.


(Sara) Whatever that is.

The other guy...

you know what he said?

I've a pretty fair idea.

We were pretty great together, weren't we?

We were the greatest.

(helicopter approaching)

Take care of yourself, Jack.

Keep the lights on. I'll be back.