Transcript:The First Commandment

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Come on, Frakes! Let's go!

Connor! Connor! I lost the remote.

Got it!





Frakes, Frakes, Frakes...

I'm disappointed in you, my son.

So, Connor got through.

- What about this one? - Burn him.

For a planet with a UV radiation as high as this,

the plant life seems to be doing very well.

Abydos was the exception, as far as trees are concerned.

That makes sense. To support human life, there must be carbon-based vegetation.

It is no accident. Many worlds were terraformed by the Goa'ulds long ago.

OK, let's take a quick look around the gate before we move out to find SG-9.

- They can't be that far. - I don't know.

This is the middle of nowhere. I doubt it plays an active role in anybody's culture.

Is there a problem, Dr Carter?

No birds.

There should be a road up here or something.



0K, 0K, don't shoot.

That's very sound advice.

Colonel O'Neill.

Lieutenant Connor?

All right, all right, come on.

What's goin' on?

Command received your signal six hours ago and no one came through. Why?

- Hanson. - We need to...

- No! Don't. - Why?

Frakes. He...


Connor, I need to know what happened.

Permission to speak freely about a superior officer, sir.

Yeah, go ahead.

He's lost it. He's out of control.

- Captain Hanson? - Maybe it was the sun, the radiation.

Are you saying the sun did this to Frakes?

No, sir. Captain Hanson did that to Frakes.

- What? - We were trying to get back.

I don't buy that.

Sir, we were trying to warn command about what's really going on.

The people here, they believe he's their god.

- Because you came through the Stargate. - No, no, you don't get it.

Hanson believes it too.

(O'Neill) Carter?

Take Connor back through the Stargate. Report to Hammond what's happened.

- No, sir. - No, sir?

If you're going after Captain Hanson, I should go with you. I can get to him.

Look, Captain. Either we're bringing him back to face a court martial or not.

- I think we both know what "not" means. - I know him, Colonel.

- That would be the problem. - I gave back the ring because I know him.

- I know how he thinks, how he operates. - How he likes to play God?

I don't understand how that could happen,

but if SG-1 is going after him, I am going too.

Wait a minute. No. You can't do that.

There are hundreds, thousands of them.

He's their god. They'll kill for him in a heartbeat.

That's not your problem.

Now, I need someone to report back to the general, and that is you.

- No, sir. - No, sir?

Does it say "Colonel" anywhere on my uniform?

I know the planet, the situation.

I think it's suicide. But if you're goin', I'm goin', sir.

- But you're not physically able. - Frakes was my friend.

- This isn't about revenge. - Maybe not for you.

We gotta move now, in the daylight.

We're off to see the Wizard.

I hope you packed lots of sun block.

Well, we're mostly under cover.

The probe indicated that shade, even heavy cloud cover, won't protect us.

- It can be pouring rain and we'll still burn. - She's right.

Then why on earth are we travelling during the day?

We're not on Earth.

People here live in caves. I think they used to be mines.

They only come out at night.

They're probably still after me, sir.

To Oz.

'You were right. They sent SG-1. .

- Tastes like chicken. - So What's wrong?

This is macaroni and cheese.

- Teal'c? - The perimeter is established.

(alarm goes off)

Perfect. If any little rocks sneak up on us, we'll have plenty of warning.

So, any indigenous lions, tigers or bears I should lie awake worrying about?

The plant life's all that seems to live very long.

Now, how could something like this actually happen?

The SG teams are supposedly made up of well-trained professionals.

When we met the cave dwellers, they immediately bowed down to us.

- Thought we were gods. - That's a fairly common phenomenon.

- I mean, it happens. - Except Hanson didn't deny it.

Told us it might be safer if we allowed them to believe he was their god.

Said it was the system of government they needed to retake their world.

You were OK with that?

Frakes was our anthropologist. He agreed with Hanson that it might be safer.

But the longer we stayed here, the stronger they believed.

In our fourth or fifth week here, a young child wandered out of the caves.

Must have gotten lost.

Hanson went out after him. He was gone for two full days before he came back,

carrying the child barely alive in his arms.

- They must have loved him for that. - Yeah, they did.

- He wasn't the same after that. - That sent him over the edge - the sun?

It wasn't any one thing. If it was, me and Frakes, we could have seen it comin'.

Done something about it before...

Before what?

There were a few cave dwellers who got the idea that Hanson was just a man,

like they were, thanks to Frakes and I.

He had them tied to stakes and left out in the direct sunlight.

If they lived seven days, they were allowed back in the caves.

A number of significant biblical events took place over the course of seven days.

By then they were blind.

Giant, bleeding burns all over them.

Just took them a little longer to die.

Personally, I'd rather eat a bullet.

I'll take first watch.

Hey, Colonel, I'll take watch now.

- (whispers) Let's go. We got company. - Are you sure?

Pretty sure.

' (war cries and alarm going off) '

- It appears they are gone. - Yeah.



The temple is taking too long to build.

- They're working as hard as they can. - But not as long as they can.

Divide them into shifts: day and night.

- You can't. - What?

They'll die.


Their way to salvation.

They were instructed to take Connor. Send us a message Hanson's in control.

- Sounds familiar. - Which part?

- He likes control. - Oh.

Well, what did you see in him?

I don't know. I guess I've always had a soft spot for the lunatic fringe.

- He was... he was charming. - That's good. Charming is good.

I should be more surprised by this than I am, but I'm not.

He had this in him, Daniel. Too many years of black ops.

Typical evaluation of soldiers.

The crazier they are, the more extreme the situation they seem to be put into.

He wasn't happy when I broke off the engagement,

but he seemed like he'd pulled himself together when we met up.

Apparently not.

- What you got, Teal'c? - This way.

The road out of the valley, toward the mountain.

- I'll be back in 30 minutes. - If you are thinking of rescuing Connor...

Not yet. Captain, when the time comes, I'll need your help to get in the front door.

I'm prepared for that, sir.

- Who will worship him if this continues? - They're like Abraham.

Who was Abraham?

A biblical figure. Believed to be the father of man.

God tested his faith by instructing him to make a great sacrifice - his son Isaac.

Did he sacrifice his son?

He gave it a good shot, before an angel stopped him... at the last minute.

Get up!

- He's worked straight through the night. - Shut up!

Do I have to make an example? Do I?!


Hey, look over there.

- Whoa. Where are you going? - I can't watch him beat that man to death.

- You will be captured. - And you think that's a plan?

I can get to Hanson. That's what the Colonel was saying.

- Can you at least wait until he gets back? - The man could be dead by then.

- We should have stopped her. - We would have failed.

That was refreshing.

Connor looks bad. There's two guards, but...


Never mind.

It's probably our only way in Without a firefight anyway.

All right, all right.

Well, it's about time.

Hello, Jonas.

And you never thought I'd amount to anything.

- Quite a leap, isn't it? From captain to... - What's happened to you, Jonas?

Please, sit down.

These caves were once mines. They permeate the hillside for miles,

but these people have been multiplying like rabbits.

They don't have the technology to dig themselves more space,

or the courage to leave the caves.

It's like a Third World country in a bottle.

- And you think you're saving them? - Oh, I know I am.

These people, they're human beings, they're like us.

How can we turn our backs on them?

Kidnapped from Earth, forced into slavery for centuries...

- We can't change that. - Yes, we can! We must help!

How does posing as a god and working them to death help them?

I hate that word! Stop using it!

I am not posing!

It is a matter of definition.

My people need me.

They believe in me.

And because they believe, they work.

- To death. - We're building a civilisation, Sam.

There are going to be sacrifices.

It's better than rotting in caves, living and dying in squalor like you've never seen.

I'm creating a great people.

- In your image? - Yes.

It's going to be wondrous.

You'll see.

You'll see.

We're gonna have to get one of them alone and talk to him.

They could give us away.

Maybe not. Maybe not.

I think I've got just the candidate.


- I wish I understood these drawings. - Why don't you ask your people?


- You knew I would come. - How could you not?

Healer of the emotionally wounded.

I was your one failure. The bird with the broken wing that wouldn't heal.

You seem to be flying well enough on your own.

I hoped that you would understand.

I do understand. You're sick and you need help.

- That's your idea of help? - Yes.

You're coming back with me.

Well, you're gonna have to use it, Sam.

Go on.

It's still loaded. Pull the trigger.

Do it! Because, so help me, that is the only way you're gonna stop me.

What's a few deaths compared to the survival of my people?

Killing their saviour might irritate them a little, but at least I'd be gone.

Don't make me do this.

Go on.

Pull the trigger one more fraction of an inch.

You had the gun.

You appeared to have all the power.

Yet I was in control. That is the strength of a god.

My name is Jamala. Jamala. Please don't kill me. Please don't...

No. We won't.

Jonas said you would come. Devils with power like him, here to destroy us.

No, no. We're not devils. We're men, like yourself.

I'm Daniel, this is Jack and he's Teal'c.


- Is he Jaffa? - Yes.

- Don't kill me. - No, it's OK. He's friendly.

He's a friend.

See? Smile. Look friendly.

You're gonna have to work on that a little bit.

Now, how do you know he is Jaffa? Have you seen one before?

No. Just stories from when I was a young boy. Long ago.

- He is a servant of the old gods, yes? - Well, yes and no.

He's from another place. So are we.

- Another place? - Earth.

It's way... way out there.

Where we're from. Jonas too.

See, he's not a god. He's just a man. A crazy man, granted, but...

0K, 0K. Jonas is bad.

But it's all right. He can't hear you now. He can't hurt you.

But he will, if you and your people continue to believe in him and follow him.

- He will save us. - By labouring you in the sun?

If we finish the temple, Jonas will make the sky orange.

It'll be safe to be in the light. There'll be no more sickness.

The sky? Orange?

The sky. Up there.

Yeah, I know what the sky is.

- Why? - When the sky's orange, it's good.

- There's no more sickness. - And Jonas can make the sky orange?

- Yes, he can. - How do you know?

- He says he can. - Do you know what he's talkin' about?

I believe so.

Going to be magnificent, isn't it?

But why? By the time it's built, there'll be no one left to worship you.


Mere survival for these people will require unquestioning faith, pure devotion.

They must believe in me,

if I am to lead them into the desert, to the promised land.

I'm merely separating the wheat from the chaff.

Besides, I'm supposed to be crazy, right?

- I never said you were crazy. - But you think it, don't you?

That's all right. I still have faith in you, even if you don't believe in me. Yet.

- You'll come around. - I don't think so, Jonas.

Come here.

- What is it? - Something I've seen the Goa'ulds use.

It creates an energy force high in the air.

What? Protection from radiation, like from this planet's sun?

The device I saw appeared to turn the sky orange.

The cave paintings tell of this. They show this symbol.

Have you ever actually seen one of these things he's talkin' about?


- What is it? - Something the Goa'ulds left behind.

What I've gathered from the local folklore is that the ancient gods

used it to make the sky orange to protect the people from the sun sickness.

- Some sort of shield. - Yes.

- You don't know how to work it. - Not my area of expertise.

You never cared about my coming because you wanted me.

You just wanted me to figure out how to turn this thing on.

Oh, no. That's not true.

I sincerely hope that, one day, you will agree to be my goddess.

- Turn it on. - What if I won't?

We will watch every last cave dweller die in the sun before I kill us both.

He hath not failed one word of his good promises!

I've been carrying this for years.

All along, I've been looking for God.

And here I am.

So, you betrayed your gods as I am betraying mine?

The beings I betrayed were not gods.

They had power, but power alone does not make one a god.

Do you understand?

We can't leave Connor out there another day. He'll die.

We must also help Carter. But if Teal'c can turn on this device,

- we could undermine Hanson's power. - There is a problem with your plan.

- You don't know how to turn it on? - Yes, I can turn it on.

- But there must be two. - What do you mean?

The technology involves a force field being bounced back and forth

- between two devices. - I have only seen one, in his cave.

Hanson may not know he needs a second device.

This is the valley.

Here is the Stargate. Here is the temple.

- Good drawing. - Thank you.

Where was the first device found?

Then the second device...

You're assuming the Goa'ulds shut 'em down and left them in place.

- That is correct. - I'm sorry, Teal'c,

but your calculations could be way off.

Connor doesn't have time for us to be wrong.

I'll go after him. You try and find that second device.

I'll try to meet you back here.

This place is like where the other one was found, on the far side of the temple.

This is like solid rock. We'll never be able to get through this.

Stand aside.

I just hope it still functions.

- Kill me. - You sure? I've come all this way.

Can you walk?

Let's go.

Think we could pick up the pace a little here?


Hey, how are you doin'? You know, we'd love to stick around,

but some braindead sycophant left my buddy out here to die.

So we're outta here.



Control board seems to follow the same circuitry patterns as the gate technology.

Just turn it on.

What if I can't?

Colonel O'Neill.

Captain, I see everything is working out just as we planned.

- Shoot him. - No!

All right.

Wait. You're gonna turn this thing on in here?

Do it now.

If it works, I'll spare him.

It's beautiful.

- Will it work? - I do not know.

Everyone's gathering at the Circle of the Gods.

The Stargate.

My children.

Today is a great day.

The sun hath stood still in the heavens

and hasteth not to go down about a whole day.

I have the power to help

and to cast down.

But fear not, stand still,

and see the salvation of the Lord.

Today... we will bury the doorway

that brings forth demons who threaten to undo us.

But first I will send those evil undoers, who have already invaded our world,

back to the hell from whence they came.

Fear not, for I, the Lord, your God,

control the gateway to the underworld.

You said you wouldn't kill them.

I'm not. I'm sending them back to Earth.

Without sending the signal to open the iris, they'll die.

Please, Sam. I'm having a moment here.

I am the Lord, your God.

There is nothing I cannot do. No one is greater than I.

No one is more powerful than I.

Throw them in.

Wait! Stop!

Back away!

Listen to me.

No matter what Jonas has shown you or done for you, he is not a god.

Don't listen to him! They are demons!

Agents of the devil. I am your saviour!

We're not demons, for cryin' out loud!

And this...

This is not magical power.

It is called a gun and it is a machine.

Do as I say, or you will all die!

Do as he says and you will die!

Do not betray me after all I've done for you!

I promised you I would bring you out of the caves into the light!

Today I fulfil that promise!

Behold... the magical power that belongs to your God!

I give you the sun! I give you the world!

- What's wrong? - I don't know.

- Fix it. - (Daniel) It's a machine.

I can make it work and so can you, just like Jamala there can fire that staff.

Now, I'll show you how.

There are two devices, and both must be turned on for the shield to work.


I'm takin' you with me.

(shouting and jeering)


Uh, I think we're ready.

Think we should tell 'em to bury the gate when we're gone?

Teal'c seems to think the Goa'ulds won't be back.

Maybe we should come back and check on these guys.

I think we've done enough. Don't you?

Somethin' else on your mind?

I had the chance to end this, Colonel. He literally asked me to do it.

Killing a man is no badge of honour, Captain.

I know.

Look, I'm no expert on this thing.

I generally remember one commandment. I think it's the first.

"I am the Lord, your God, and you shall take no other gods before me."

OK, it's not the first one.

I'm talking about the no-killing one. No matter what the reason,

every time you break it, you take one step closer to Hanson.


So, you gonna be all right?


The world outside the caves, it's very big, yes?

Yeah, it's bigger than you can imagine.