Bob (The Siege, Part 1)

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Bob (The Siege, Part 1) in Stargate Atlantis Season 1.jpg
Biographical information
Death 2004 (killed by John Sheppard)
Race Wraith
Socio-political information
Allegiance Wraith
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by James Lafazanos
First appearance "The Siege", Part 1

"Bob" was a male Wraith doing some recon on Atlantis in 2004. He has been nicknamed, then killed by John Sheppard.

Character's evolution

"The Siege", Part 1 (2004)

Using a Dart to do some recon on Atlantis, the male Wraith beams himself into the city before self-destructing the Dart. According to the Atlantis expedition, his mission is obviously to black out the city before the hive ship's arrival on Atlantis and/or to make sure that any city self-destruct plan could not occur. He attacks Sergeant Bates and leaves him badly wounded. Doctor Radek Zelenka eventually retrieves him using a biometric sensor that differenciates different lifeforms.

Two teams led by Major John Sheppard try to catch him. When he succeeds to neutralize one team, he is stunned by Teyla Emmagan and Lt Aiden Ford the very moment he was about to stab Sheppard.

In the Atlantis holding cell, Sheppard, who has nicknamed him "Bob", tries to gather intel with no success. Then Teyla tries to connect to the Wraith using her telepathy, yet the Wraith overwhelms her. He is stopped by Sheppard who shoots him several times.


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