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Biographical information
Death 2004
Gender Asexual (female personality)
Race Goa'uld
Socio-political information
Rank System Lord
Allegiance Herself
Out of Stargate universe information
Portrayed by Natasha Khadr
First appearance "Summit"

Bastet was a Goa'uld System Lord. She died in 2004 when she opposed to the rise of power of Ba'al.


Bastet has a palace in Mubastas. In some point of the Goa'uld history, Kali and her joined together and used a subterfuge to bring down Sobek. According to a rumor, Sobek's head is still ornamenting her palace (SG1: "Summit").

Character's evolution

"Summit" (2001)

"Last Stand"

When Ba'al asks to the other System Lords to vote for Anubis to retreive his rank as System Lord, Bastet nods as approval.

"Homecoming" (2003)

When Oshu, Yu's First Prime, and Teal'c contact Ba'al to ask him take the lead of the conbined forces against Anubis instead of Yu, Ba'al is not interested as he considers Tea'lc as a shol'va. Oshu says that he should contact another System Lord. Teal'c suggests to contact Bastet. Hearing this, Ba'al's interest is rising.

"It's Good To Be King" (2004)

In the Stargate Command briefing room, Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter tells Teal'c, Daniel Jackson and Brigadier General Jack O'Neill that Bastet is dead according to the Tok'ra intelligence.


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