Charlie O'Neill's bedroom

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Charlie O'Neill's bedroom
Location type
Geographical situation
Planet Earth
Continent America
Country USA
State Colorado
City Winter Park
Localization Sara O'Neill's house
Status unhabited
Information non linked to the Stargate universe
First appearance Stargate

Charlie O'Neill's bedroom is an unoccupied bedroom located in Sara O'Neill's house in Winter Park. It has been left as it is since Charlie O'Neill accidentaly shot himself with Jack O'Neill's gun in 1995.


The bedroom is located on the first floor of Sara O'Neill's house. It contains all Charlie's stuff as it is since the accident, like his baseball glove and ball, many awards, and a collection of astronomy material (Stargate, SG1: "Cold Lazarus").


One day of 1995, when Jack O'Neill retrieved his wife Sara and they shared a moment together outside, they heared a gunshot coming from Charlie's bedroom. The young boy accidentaly shot himself with O'Neill's personal gun. Since then, Sara O'Neill left all Charlie's stuff as it was as way to keep him around (SG1: "Cold Lazarus")


Stargate (1995)

  • Inside the bedroom, Jack O'Neill is sitting on Charlie O'Neill's bed, visibly depressed. He's holding a pistol. Major Johnson and his colleague come in front of the door. O'Neill hides the gun under the pillow. Johnson announces O'Neill that he has been reactivated. O'Neill seems to have no reaction at all.

"Cold Lazarus" (1997)


Behind the scenes

  • It is obvious that the young boy's bedroom on the film and the one of the series are not the same (different wallpaper and furniture color for example). The bedroom's window is on the front side in the movie and in the left side in the series when we look at from the door. It is considered as a recton.