Credits:Letters From Pegasus

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Starting credits

Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Ars Gratia Artis
Trade Mark

Joe Flanigan

Torri Higginson

Rachel Luttrell

Rainbow Sun Francks

David Hewlett
as Dr. McKay

Stargate Atlantis

Created by
Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper

"Letters From Pegasus"

Amanda Tapping

Terence Kelly

Paul McGillion
David Nykl

Ben Cotton
Gary Jones

Martin Wood

Consulting Producers
Joseph Mallozzi
Paul Mullie

Co-Executive Producer
N. John Smith

Excerpts Written by
Jill Blotevogel
Robert C. Cooper
Peter DeLuise

Excerpts Written by
Martin Gero
Kerry Glover
Mary Kaiser

Excerpts Written by
Damian Kindler
Joseph Mallozzi
Paul Mullie
Brad Wright

Written by
Carl Binder

Directed by
Mario Azzopardi

Ending credits

Executive Producers
Brad Wright
Robert C. Cooper

Bates Dean Marshall
Miko Manami Hara
Arja Peter Graham-Gaudreau
Boy with Orin Kevin Minato

"Rising" Excerpts Starring

Andee Frizzell
Dan Payne
Bro Gilbert
Robert Patrick
as Colonel Sumner

"Thirty Eight Minutes" Excerpts Starring

Joseph May
Boyan Vukelic

"Suspicion" Excerpts Starring

James Lafazanos

"Poisoning the Well Excerpts Starring

Allison Hossack

"The Storm" Excerpts Starring

Robert Davi
Erin Chambers
Colin Corrigan
Jason Diablo

"The Eye" Excerpts Starring

Robert Davi

"The Defiant One" Excerpts Starring

Paul Magel
James Lafazanos

Story Editor
Martin Gero

Post Production Consultant
Michael Eliot

Associate Producer
Jennifer Johnson

Casting by
Paul Weber CSA

Canadian Casting by
Sean Cossey CSA
Stuart Aikins CSA

Production Manager George Horie
First Assistant Director Nico Sachse
Second Assistant Director C. A. Kit Maraltt

Music and Main Title Theme by
Joel Goldsmith

Director of Photography
Brenton Spencer

Production Designer
Bridget McGuire

Alison Grace

Supervising Art Director Thom Wells
Art Directors Peter Bodnarus
James Robbins
Set Decorators Mark Davidson
Robert Davidson
Property Master Pat O'Brien
Special Effects Coordinator Wray Douglas
Camera Operator Lou Gruzelier
Chief Lighting Technician Bruno Bittner
Key Grip John Zulinski
Sound Mixer Kevin Sands, C.A.S.
Head Painter John Hamilton
Costume Designer Christina McQuarrie
Makeup Artist Leah Ehman
Prosthetic Effects Mastersfx
Hairstylist Lisa Leonard
Production Coordinator Boris Ivanov
Script Supervisor Lara Fox
Script Coordinator Ivon R. Bartok
Extras Casting Sandra Couldwell
Legal Counsel Carol Horn
Heenan Blaikie LLP
Assistant to the Executive Producers Alex Levine
Production Accountants Julie Rieder
Pauline Hooge
Location Manager Doug Brons
Transportation Coordinator Ben Derrick
Stunt Coordinator James Bamford

Post Production Supervisor
Michael S. McLean

Visual Effects Producer
Michelle Comens

Post Production Coordinator Allison Volk
Assistant Editor Ryan Malone
Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Breakspear
Visual Effects Coordinator Melissa Kirby
Playback Supervisor Krista McLean
Sound Supervisor Mike Olekshy
Sound Editor Matt Wilson
Music Editor Rick Chadock
Re-Recording Mixers Kelly Cole
Dave Hibbert
Re-Recorded by
Sharpe Sound Television Inc.

Laboratory, Post Production Services
and Digital Effects by

Main Title Design by
Beck-Ola Productions, Inc.

Space Program Footage Courtesy of
NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Media Services Corp.

Production Services Provided by
Pegasus Productions Inc.

Filmed on location in British Columbia, Canada

With the participation of the
Province of British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit

This picture made under
the jurisdiction of
affiliated with
Advanced Digital Imaging
Dolby Surround ™

The events, characters and firms depicted in this motion
picture are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons,
living or dead, or to actual firms is purely coincidental.

© 2004 MGM Global Holdings Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

MGM Global Holdings Inc. is the author an creator
of this motion picture for the purpose of copyright
and other laws in all countries throughout the world.

This motion picture is protected under the laws
of Canada, the United States and other countries.
Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition
may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Acme Shark
Cooper / Wright

Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Ars Gratia Artis
Trade Mark
MGM International Television Distribution